Liskeard & DCS - 12/07/2015

AV Gundog


1st Pearn’s Brelade Miss Terious ShCM – Cocker Spaniel. Beautiful! 11yrs and full of breed type with a lovely head & neck, super forehand with well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs that had good depth.  Short loin to give her the correct proportions and nicely angulated rear. Stood out also on her movement that was still true.  So pleased to hear that she went on to win Best Veteran in Show.
2nd Roberts’ Lynwood Theme Song for Polmennor – Irish Setter
3rd Pearn’s Totenkopf Rocknrobin with Gwbert ShCM – Cocker Spaniel
Res Merrick’s Ch Stormerick Don Sebastion JW ShCM – Golden Retriever
VHC Baguley & Attwood’s Kylowen Gerrans ShCM –Spaniel (Welsh Springer)

Irish Setter

Junior (4,1a)

1st Roberts & Cormack’s Sangarth Shared Romance with Polmennor. 10mth D that just had the edge today of two very nice babies. Has lots of promise, love his type and shape, lovely head of correct shape. Straight front with correctly laid shoulders and upper arm. Correct spring of rib.  Good rear.  A typical puppy on the move, a little wayward at times but glimpses of straight true movement with reach and drive.  One to watch. BP, RBOB & Puppy Group 2

2nd Steer’s Glennara Never Say Never

Post Graduate (4,1a)

1st Roberts & Cormack’s Sangarth Shared Romance with Polmennor

2nd Roberts’ Lynwood Full Of Grace at Polmennor
Watts’ Anlory Ben Nevis

Open (6,1a)

1st Peters’ Polmennor Funtime ShCM. 5yr D. Scored highly all round, type, shape, conformation and movement.  Lovely outline with correct ‘slight’ slope to the topline, long lean head with dark eye, nice length of neck to well laid shoulders with good forechest and return of upper arm over correct ribs. Good through the loin to a nicely angulated rear. Lovely mover, steady, effortless and true  with reach and drive. BOB

2nd Roberts & Cormack’s Sangarth Shared Romance with Polmennor
3rd Woodham’s Tykkidyw Springtime
Res Ord’s Heathclare Home of the Brave
VHC Roberts’ Polmennor For Fun


Spaniel (Cocker)

Junior (3,1a)

1st Sullivan’s Squiretime Sanday at Flourenn. 16mth. What a lovely young lady.Correct for size and shape.  Love her head, feminine, of correct shape and proportions, and with a dark eye to complete the expression. Well made fore and aft, well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth. Nicely angled rear. Lovely on the move.

2nd Collier’s Gardenstone Glamour Girl at Pepperbox. 7mth and still very much a baby but a nice one. Liked her shape.  Femenine head but lacking in stop at the moment. Well made fore and aft with well laid shoulders and good forechest, short coupled and nicely angled rear. Nice mover. BP.


Post Graduate (4,1a)

Two nice cockers but very different.

1st Webb’s Bitcon Front Page News at Caenriver. 20Mth D. Nice size and shape. Lovely typey head, masculine but not coarse and with a dark eye. Well made front with well laid shoulders, deep well sprung ribs, short loin to nicely angulated rear. Another good mover who just had a little more ‘cocker bustle’ in the challenge than the Junior winner to win RBOB

2nd Green & Brain’s Rothmia Queen Sophia at Meloneras ShCM

Open (3,0a)

And interesting class with three different types.

1st Pearn’s Totenkopf Rocknrobin with Gwbert ShCM. This 8yr Blk D was 3rd in my veteran class earlier in the day with a different handler. In this class he was more relaxed and presented a better shape on the stand. Masculine throughout with a very pleasing head and soft expression from his soulful eyes. Very well made fore and aft, lovely spring and depth of rib, short loin and nicely angled rear. Another good mover, positive & true. Stepped up in the Challenge to win BOB.

2nd Webb’s Clashann Guy Fawkes by Caenriver
3rd Ratcliff’s Withifor Blubeau

English Setter

Open (3,0a)

1st Osman’s Bournehouse Star Gazer at Marissolo ShCM. 14mths and what a lovely young man. Still has lots of maturing to do but he has it all there.  Presents a pleasing shape on the stand, lovely head with dark eye and soft expression. Clean neck to well laid shoulders, correct spring and depth of chest. Strong through loin to well made rear.  Still needs to mature and settle on the move. BOB.

2nd Woodham’s Culverwell Miss Moonlight at Tykkidyw. 2yr B. Rather out of coat at the moment but she has nothing to hide. Lovely feminine head, good neck and super lay of shoulder. Nice ribbing, enough depth and forechest. Not happy today which showed on the stand but moved well. RBOB

3rd Woodham’s Culverwell Charis at Tykkidyw

Italian Spinone

Open (2,1a)

1st Smith & McVittle’s Jaylynne Fabrizo. 2yr D.  What a lovely boy. Loved his size, outline, substance and shape. Gorgeous head, well furnished with good expression.  Good length of neck to very well laid shoulders. Lovely deep chest and a good amount of bone. Deep through the loin to a well made, well muscled rear. Such a good mover, free and graceful with lovely extension. BOB


Post Graduate (3,0a)

1st Dykes’ Raigmore Starlet at Briartor. A 22mth B. who headed up a trio of different types. Not one who drew my eye at the beginning but an honest B. who I appreciated when I got hands on.  A series of graceful curves with a feminine typey head with lovely dark eye. Well laid shoulders, enough forechest, short back and nice rear all put to good use on the move.  Won the class on head and movement. RBOB

2nd Edens’ Dalens Coco Chanel
3rd Osman’s Wilchrimane Ace Ventura at Marissolo ShCM

Open (3,0a)

1st Edens’ Escrews Black Tuxedo at Dalens JW ShCMWell what can I say about this young man? 5yrs and just coming to maturity. Super head and expression, lovely neck into long sloping shoulders, good amount of bone and nice feet. Super top and underline through to a well made and well muscled rear. A stylish yet purposeful mover who takes you eye when given space. Handled very well to win BOB, then stepped up a gear in the group to win Gundog Group 1. Imagine my delight to watch him take top honours and Best In ShowCongratulations

2nd Edens’ Dalens Coco Chanel
3rd Osman’s Wilchrimane Diamond Geezer at Marissolo ShCM

Retriever (Flatcoated)

Post Graduate (2,0a)

Two very nice puppies

1st Cooves’ Draketor Sea Shanty. 11mths & what a lovely young boy. Nice to see a well proportioned head of good length. Something I feel is lacking in the breed these days.  Well made front with good angles, good forechest and enough depth for this age. Lovely rear angles all topped off with good bone and neat feet.  On the move he is lovely and true coming and going then showing reach and drive in profile. BP, RBOB then later Gundog Puppy Group 1

2nd Tamblyn Peranki Treyarnon

Open (6,0a)

What a lovely class with good dogs all down the line.

1st Trotter’s Downstream Friar Tuck JW. This 3yr D ticked lots of boxes. Solid and workmanlike yet with a stylish maner. Lovely head and expression, good length of neck to a very well made front. Deep chest and good depth of loin. Lovely rear angles and nice feet.  Tail never stops. On the move he is true & effortless with reach and drive. BOB then later Gundog Group 3 in a very nice group

2nd Hayman’s Lussac Thorin
3rd Cooves’ Blacktoft Lady Amherst for Draketor
Res Cooves’ Onyxro Naiad for Draketor
VHC Tamblyn’s Atherbram Inigo


English Springer Spaniel

Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st McLean’s Carnmarth Conquest. 5yr Liver D. Not my ideal but not a bad dog. Liked his head, kind eye and pleasing expression. A little heavy in body for me but well made fore and aft with deep chest, nice bone and good feet.

Open (3,0a)

1st Sullivan’s Flourenn’s Star Attraction ShCM 6yr Liver B. Liked her head and expression. Nice shape but could benefit from an extra bit of length. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders. Well made fore and aft with good depth of chest & short coupled. On the move she is true with good reach and drive. BOB

2nd McLean’s Carnmarth Classic Destiny ShCM
3rd McLean’s Carnmarth Carbon Copy


American Cocker Spaniel

Open (1,0a)

1st Sheppard’s Charmagen Tri Me To The Moon of Shadowview.  21mth Blk/White D.. Liked his overall shape and size.  Masculine head of good shape. Nice eye and expression. Good length of neck to very well laid shoulders. Deep chest and good forechest.  Correct slope on the stand and hold topline on the move. True coming and going then powers round the ring smooth and effortless. BOB


AVNSC Gundog

Post Graduate (4,2a)

1st Harries’ Myrna Loy. 2yr GWP. Lovely young lady with pleasing head although would prefer a darker eye. Nice furnishings.  Well made front with well laid shoulders, good bone and lovely feet. Enough depth of chest, good through the loin to a nicely angulated rear.  Very precise on the move and true coming and going. BAVNSC

2nd Cadwell’s Jubilwell Bal Maiden 11mth Sussex B.  A pretty B of good type.  Pleasing head, well made fore and aft with well laid shoulders, deep ribs, lovely bone and feet. Broad well angulated rear.  Moved well. BP

Open (2,1a)

1st Cadwell’s Jubilwell Prpper Job. 2yr Sussex Spaniel D. No exaggerations, pleasing head & neck, well made front and rear, deep chest. True mover with that typical roll. RBAVNSC

AV Gundog

Minor Puppy (2,0a)

1st Jones’ Barleyarch Dubarry. 6mth GSP.  Lovely young man of good size and shape. Lovely head although I would prefer a darker eye. Super forechest and shoulders. Good depth of chest for one so young, nice bone and neat feet. Such a true steady moved for a youngster.

2nd Collier’s Gardenstone Glamour Girl at Pepperbox – Cocker Spaniel


Puppy (2,0a)

1st Jones’ Barleyarch Dubarry - GSP
2nd Lewis’ Draketor Sea Gypsy among Fairwinds - Retriever (Flat Coated)


Gundog Group


1st Edens’ Escrews Black Tuxedo at Dalens JW ShCM. – Pointer.  (See above)
2nd Burrows’ Colvorry Contessa for Caranbe ShCM - Retriever (Labrador) What a lovely lady. Loved her for size and shape. Lovely correct head, good neck and well made front. Correct depth and spring of rib, good coupling and nice rear.  Lovely mover.
3rd Trotter’s Downstream Friar Tuck JW - Retriever (Flat Coated).  (See above)
4th Hassell’s Chanangel Night Watchman at Kytreveglos ShCM – Spaniel (Welsh Springer). What a handsome boy. Another one who had to be at his best in a strong group. Good size and shape, well made and good on the move, true in front and behind with nice reach and drive in profile.

Gundog Puppy Group

1st Cooves’ Draketor Sea Shanty. – Retriever (Flat Coated).  (See above)
2nd Roberts & Cormack’s Sangarth Shared Romance with Polmennor - Irish Setter.  (See above)
3rd Kerrison’s Gwyngala Gowith The Sun - Retriever (Golden). A nice young man with a pleasing head & neck, very good front and rear assemblies and very settled on the move.
4th Davey’s Dragonsway Sir Gorbash – Retreiver (Labrador). Typey young man coming along nicely. Good shape with pleasing head and a lovely expression. Well made fore and aft and another good mover.

A V Champion Stakes

1st Robjohns’ Ch Qwontox Quintessential ShCM. 7 yr Schipperke B. What a lovely compact, solid lady. Love her head and neck, well sprung ribs and nice short back.  A class of quality dogs meant the winner has to be special and this lady was so true on the move with her correct brisk movement and her happy outgoing attitude

2nd Szczepanski’s Ch Catsun Coral Eclipse. Hungarian Puli
3rd Satherley’s Ch Silkcroft Colour of Magic ShCM SCWT
Res Pieters Ch Supeta’s Grace Kelly of Ostertag Dobermann
VHC Quest’s Ch Chenrezi Keeper of Dreams JW ShCM. Tibetan Spaniel


 SHCM  Stakes (8,1a)

1st Carter & Hozempa’s Amante Runnin On Jamaican Time JW ShCM IMPIbizan Hound. This 4yr old is one of those dogs who commands attention. A fine upstanding young man with a pleasing outline. Lovely head, long , fine and well defined atop a long lean muscular neck. Well made front and rear, and again well-muscled. Benefited from the large ring to show his reach on the move.

2nd Sullivan’s Flourenn’s Star Attraction ShCM – English Springer Spaniel
3rd Robjohns’ Qwontox Quincy ShCM - Schipperke
Res Roberts & Spearing’s Redcap Break The Mould at Linkenlees ShCM
VHC Haskell’s Trystam Saint Geraint ShCM – Bearded Collie


Graduate  Stakes

1st Pieters’ Ch Supeta’s Will Eye Am Tuffenuff JW - Doberman. 2yr Dobermann. What a super boy. Loved him for size and shape. Super outline. Masculine yet refined.  Lovely head and neck, well laid shoulders over deep ribs. Good bone and feet. Lovely rear that he moved on the move. Powerful and true.

2nd Quest’s Chenrezi Solitaire JW ShCM. Tibetan Spaniel
3rd Diffey’s Marhilway Swan Edge – Shih Tzu
Res Rutley’s Sumanshu I Have A Dream at Javey ShCM (Imp Ned) – Tibetan Terrier
VHC Rabey’s Zaltana Cruise Control at Trewonnal ShCM (Imp Pol) – Siberian Husky


Junior Handling

I was surprised by the quality of the handling.  There is lots of raw talent here but it needs to be given some direction.  Both younger handlers started their patterns from the wrong place as did one of the adults.  When starting a pattern always begin in front of the judge.

6 – 11 yrs

1st  Leah Jackson 11yrs handling a Peke.
2nd Daisy Hassell, 7yrs, handling a Cocker
Both handlers show lots of promise but need some structured training to take them to the next level. Both did well on the table stacking their dogs but need to work on lines and patterns.
Always start in front of the judge and remember that a triangle has 3 straight lines.  An up and down should be in a line away from the judge and then back with the dog on the same line.

 12 – 16 yrs

The common theme here was curved lines on the up & down.  Make them straight and bring the dog back on the same line to stand out in a class

1st Chloe Beecham. Handling a Golden Retriever.  This young lady was the only  one to do everything correctly.  Stacked the dog well and showed the teeth clearly without fuss. Best triangle and up / down in the class.  Talked to the dog in a gently sympathetic manner that was right for this dog. Well done.
2nd Paige Edens. Handling a pointer.  Now I had seen this young lady show in the breed so I knew she could show a dog.  What I was looking for here was a little more precision.  Beautifully stacked and teeth shown well. Did a good triangle but the up / down was wayward.  Curved going away although straighter coming back.
3rd Meaylee Lewis Handling a Flat Coated retriever. Not the easiest breed to handle. Stood well and lovely teeth. Very much like 2nd place her triangle was good but her up / down was curved.
Res Tegan Willoughby

Adult Handling

 17-25 yrs

1st Maria Clark. Headed up the best handling class of the day. Handling a Pug, definitely not an easy breed to handle especially in the handling ring.  That said, this young lady demonstrated kind, sympathetic handling that got the best out of her dog both on the table & while producing neat patternwork at the correct pace.
2nd Chloe Jefferies. Had a stubborn SCWT but she didn’t let it get to her. Again, good tablework and on the move used her voice to encourage the dog. Good patterns.  Just ensure that on the third leg of the triangle the dog goes back to the judge.
3rd Courtney Templeman. This brave young lady brought in a puppy  and impressed. Won her place for her tenacity and sympathetic

 Over 25yrs

1st Becky Collier. Handled her Border Collie beautifully. Scored highly in all areas. Excellent table work with lovely clear teeth  A good triangle, just watch your line on the 3rd leg, and two good up / downs.
2nd Mrs T Mitchell-Cormack handling an Irish Setter.  Stacked her dog well and good teeth.  Good triangle but your first up / down was curved and off line. Try using a focal point to move your dog towards to give you a nice straight line. The 2nd one was much better.
3rd Laura Ratcliff handling her Cocker Spaniel. Table work and teeth could be tidier. As with the young juniors you started your triangle from the table rather than in front of the judge so as a judge I would not have been able to assess the dogs movement had this been a breed ring.  You corrected slightly for your up / down but this too was rather off line .

Ray McDonald (Judge)