Lincoln Canine Society
6th December 2015


First I must say thank you to all the Cocker and Pointer exhibitors for their entries. I was thrilled when I saw the numbers.

Spaniel (Cocker)


Puppy (4,1a)

1st Jinks & White’s Jayzander I Love To Love. 9mth B. Love her shape. Super head of good proportions with dark eye and well set ears. Well made with good shoulders, level topline and good rear. Correct spring of rib. Lovely free mover. BP then PG4.

2nd        Austin’s Cassom Blue Laagoon at Zerhea’s

3rd        Clarke’s Harbethol Look Mr Musicman


Junior (4,2a)

1st Jaggers’ Plaiglen Penny Farthing. 13mth B. Another typey example. Correctly proportioned, feminine head with dark eye and correct ears.  Lovely front assembly complete with forechest and good depth and spring of rib. Level topline to correctly made rear. Nicely rounded with a well set wagging tail. A true straight mover with the correct reach and drive in profile.

2nd        Hill’s Olibond Sunshine Girl at Princehill


Post Graduate (11,2a)

1st Ray’s Annilann Mr Blue Sky. What a super young man, 20 mths and so much ahead of him. Masculine head, dark eye and well set ears. Super front and rear assemblies with good depth & spring of rib, level topline, and lovely feet. Lovely on the move and kept taking my eye to win BOB.


2nd        Hillary’s Sheigra Mr Snuggles at Edasiy

3rd        Jinks & White’s Jayzander Wish Come True for Edenloch

Res      Clarke’s Harbethol Look Miss Minimee

VHC     Fawcett’s JayzanderLets Tan Again

Open (8,1a)

An interesting class, lots of promising dogs on the stand who disappoint on the move or vice versa.

1st West’s Sheigra Stargaver JW. 3yr D. A gold boy heading up Love this boy for his correct body, correct construction and super movement. Head is good with a lovely eye, super ears but a little longer in muzzle than I prefer.  Super front with correct ribbing in both spring and depth, through a well muscled loin to adequate rear angulation. In good coat and stood out on the move to win the class.

2nd        Ray’s Jardinisle Happy Times

3rd        Needham’s Merryhaze That’s Jazz

Res      Jinks & White’s Jayzander Fine and Dandy with Edenloch

VHC     Marris-Bray’s Helenwood Gift Wrapped JW



Puppy (3,1a)

1st Anthony’s Jilony Top Class. A 7mth Liver / white baby that took my eye. My notes start “Beautiful”. From her classic head to the tip of her tail, a lovely shape and beautifully balanced. An inquisitive expression from her dark eyes, correct length of neck into well laid shoulders, deep chest, lovely bone and neat feet. Over her well arched loin to a well rounded and correctly angled rear. Then, what a mover, eats up the ground with reach, drive and steadiness that is rare for one so young. A bright future. BP and pleased to see her win PG2

2nd        Marsh’s Ratchda’s Rock Thrush

Post Graduate (10,1a)

Another interesting class containing lots of different types. I was disappointed though by the number of dogs who were poor in either front or rear movement.

1st Cooper & Hinton’s Carmandine Cover Girl by Fleurfield. 16mth Orange / White.. Lots to like about this young lady. Super head and presents a lovely outline when she is not overstretched. Classic head shape with a pleasing eye and expression. Super forehand, lovely deep chest, short strong loin to well muscled and correctly angulated rear. One of the ‘good’ movers.

2nd        Brooksmith & Adam’s Nightgold Blackavar

3rd        Goode’s Medogold Bonny Ivy

Res      Dunn’s Meadowpoint Spirit Of Love       

VHC     Walking’s Truly Madly Deeply by Kiswahili

Open (4,2a)

1st Brooksmith & Adam’s Medogold Kiss N’Tell JW ShCM. 2yr Liver / White B. Have done this B well as a puppy and now she has grown up into a nice young lady. Lovely head and neck, super front assembly with well laid shoulders over deep ribs. Neck flows into her toppling and over the loin to a super rear, well muscled and correct angles. Uses her construction on the move to give a true, fluid movement with lovely reach and drive. BOB and G4.

2nd        Walking, Grantham * Moss’ Aspyre Counting Sheep at Kiswahili (Imp Aus)

3rd        Cooper & Hinton’s Carmandine Cover Girl by Fleurfield

Res      Saunders’ Tesgol Massalia

VHC     Goode’s Millpoint Yeah Baby Yeah


Post Graduate

1st Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Onyx. 3yr D. What a lovely boy. Scores well for size and shape. Masculine head of correct shape, dark eye, correct ears with correct black fringing. Well made fore and aft. Super shoulders and return of upper arm. Short level back. Super little mover who just needs a little more confidence. BOB

2nd        Wilson’s Crunchcroft Ladybird


Junior Handling

 6 – 11 Years (7,4

 1st          Harley Ebb. A very accomplished, polite young handler. Stood your cocker correctly both on the floor and on the table. Showed the teeth well and was aware of your dog. Pattern work was well executed with straight lines.  My only criticism was that I like to see the up & down with the dog on the same line. Apart from that, very well handled.
2nd         Abigail Mitchell. Handling a Dachshund. For her first time in the ring you did a super job. Not as accomplished at the table as the winner but proficient and gave me a good triangle. Same comments regarding the up and down being on the same line.
3rd        Jed Bennett. Handling a pointer. I think that nerves got to you on the day. With a little direction your triangle and up & down were good. You need to remember to move the dog at the correct speed. 

12 – 16 Years (5,3)

 1st         Tamsin Blyton. Handling a boxer. Not an easy breed to handle but you made it look simple. Well stood & well controlled showing the teeth. Patterns were tidy and lines were good.  Nice to see the dog moved on a loose lead.
2nd        Jade Fryett. Handling a Dachshund. Another handler giving yourself a challenge with a 6 mth puppy. Table work and patterns were good as were your patterns and lines.  As discussed, I would have preferred to see you use a loose lead and encourage your dog round.

Senior Handling

 17- 35 Years (5,2) 

1st        Kyle Adams. Handling a pointer. You rarely put a foot wrong and today was no exception. Lovely clean table work, clear teeth and attention to the dog. Patterns were clean, precise and at the correct speed. Very accomplished.
2nd      Lauren Perfitt Handling a Malamute. Stood your dog well at the table and showed teeth well. Watch the first leg of the triangle. This is the first of 3 straight lines so should not be an arc.  Your up & down was much straighter.
3rd       Catherine Hobbs. Handling a Dalmatian. Good table work although I would have liked to see you ‘working’ your dog more to get the stand better as she does have a tendency to overstretch herself. Pattern work was ok.

 36 Yrs & Over (8,6) 

1st        Mrs Edwina Kennedy
2nd        Mrs Christine Wilson
An interesting class as you both did your best to lose the class. You both handled better in the breed classes than in this class. As discussed, keep the lead in the lower hand when showing the teeth, move your dog at the speed you would normally show it at and remember that a triangle is made up of 3 straight lines.

Ray McDonald (Judge)