Leicester City Canine Association
28st August 2017


Irish Setter


Puppy (5,0a)

1st        Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique. A raw 10mth D. Masculine but refined, pleasing head with nice dark eyes. Super front assembly, straight, well laid shoulders. Correct spring of rib and depth of chest. Short coupling with correct rear angles. Still very much a puppy in front movement but showing drive behind. BP

2nd      Anthony & Stuart’s Staratlanta Je T’Adore Paris
3rd       Milligan-Bott & Bott’s Thendara Max Factor
Res      Corless’ Swiftlark Second Nature
VHC     Quinn’s Staratlanta Yankee Doodle


Junior (9,4a)

1st        Howatson’s Heathclare Fancy Time at Vanders. What a lovely young lady, stood away in the class for type and shape. Lovely refined feminine head with dark eye and soft expression. Elegant neck of good length. Super front assembly, well laid shoulders, good forechest and correct depth and spring of rib. Short coupled through to a well-muscled and well angulated rear. Best mover, true with reach and drive. A very promising young lady deserving of BOB

2nd      Muir’s Romarne April Showers
3rd       Lorrimer’s Kerrimere Classique
Res      Chorley-Newton & Chorley-Flinders’ Pawsword Peppermint for Kerryfair
VHC     Jones’ Alolfrana in a Hot Storm over Wenflaen


Post Graduate (8,2a)

1st        Sharman & Jenning’s Kerrimere Indiscreet. Masculine D with lovely head of correct shape and nice dark eye. Good neck and shoulders, enough forechest but correct spring and depth of rib. Very nice rear angles and a good mover with only the first 2 showing any drive.

2nd      Rappatty Starlight Light over Alolfrana JW
3rd       Weir’s Kerrimere Irresistable
Res      Hyslop’s Gwendariff Justin Thyme JW
VHC     Corless’ Swiftlark First Lady


Open (5,0a)

1st        Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW. Another lovely example of the breed. Feminine with a lovely head of correct shape and dark eye. Elegent neck through to well laid shoulders, good forechest, correct spring and depth of ribbing. Short through the loin to well-muscled rear. Another lovely mover, true with correct reach and drive. RBOB

nd      Muir’s Romarne Tattinger JW
3rd       Weir’s Deevonville El Condor Passa
Res      Corless’ Swiftlark First Edition

Italian Spinone


Junior (2,1a)

1st        Bovio’s Inostricani Ryea for Ilsolo. 14mth B. Good head with correct divergent planes and proportions. Short strong neck to well laid shoulders, enough forechest and deep chest. Well ribbed back to short loin and correctly angulated rear. Carrying a little extra weight today but still moved well.

Open (4,2a)

1st        James’ Sh Ch Inostricani Fiorella JW ShCM. What a lovely B. Looking a little fed up on the stand but presenting the correct outline. Good head with correct divergent planes and lovely ears. Short strong neck to super front assembly. Lovely forechest, lovely depth and spring of rib. Correct topline through to well muscled rear. Showed more enthusiasm on the move showing good reach and drive.

2nd      Bovio’s Dianna Di Rimnis Inostricani (Imp ITA)



Puppy (1,0a)

1st        Cooper’s Deifstock Dazzling. A beautiful 8mth B full of promise. Super head of good length and correct proportions, nice ears. Clean neck of good length, nice forechest and well laid shoulders. Well ribbed back to short loin. Level topline and correct underline. Well-muscled and moderately angulated rear. A true, smooth mover with reach and drive. BP, RBOB and Puppy Group 3.


1st        Morris’ Kalimor Lily. Lovely 17mth B. Super shape and outline. Feminine head of correct shape and proportions. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders and super forechest. Correct spring and depth of chest. Well ribbed back to short loin and correct well-muscled, moderate rear angles. Super elegant ground covering movement. BOB

2nd      Cooper’s Deifstock Dazzling Star
3rd       Anderton’s Tatze Bewitched by Thrihyrne


Open (4,2a)

1st        Morris’ Kalimor Lily. (See Junior)

2nd      Anderton’s Tatze Bewitched by Thrihyrne


 6-11 YEARS (8,3)
1st        Niamh Nash.
I liked the way you handled your Papillion. Stacked nicely on the table with good use of your voice to reassure your dog and you showed the teeth very well. Pattern work was neat on both the triangle and up & back.  Lots of promise with the right training and practice
2nd      Isabella Arkell. Handling a Newfoundland, a big dog for a small girl but it was obvious who was in charge. Not an easy task for an adult but you did a very good job getting the feet into position to stand her.  You showed me a good view of the dogs the teeth. On the move your triangle let her down which ultimately lost you the class.
3rd       Grace Rutherford.
Handling a Pug. Although a small breed they are not easy to handle. You need to pay a little more attention on the table to how the dog is presented but a good attempt at showing the teeth. Your triangle needs to be neater and more defined but your up & back was good.
Res      Rosie Shaw
VHC     Ronnie Adams

12-16 YEARS (6,3
Very close between 1 and 2
1st        Tamsin Blyton
. Handling a Giant Schnauzer. You stack your dog very well to present a lovely picture. Showed me a very clear view of the teeth and on the move your patterns were spot on. It was the way you talked and encouraged your charge that was the deciding factor in the placings.
2nd      Bobbi Shepherd. Handling a Field Spaniel. Another very proficient handler you stack your dog with precision and showed the teeth clearly. Super pattern work with lovely straight lines.
3rd       Leah Scales.
Another Giant Schnauzer. You stacked your charge well and showed a clear view of the teeth. Triangle and lines were ok but not at the angle I was after.


Ray McDonald (Judge)