Leicester City Canine Association
31st August 2015


Alaskan Malamute


Open (3,2a)

1st Ballington-Graham’s Catua Snow Patrol. 2yr D. Of good size and shape. Reasonable head of good width and broad between the ears but a little light in eye. Good spring of rib with well laid shoulders. Nice amount of bone and I liked his rear angles.  Correct slope to topline. Moved ok but lacked drive and power. BOB.


Siberian Husky

Puppy (3,1a)

1st Tinker’s Zaltana Raindrop’s on Roses at Lolotea (Imp Pol). 11mth B. preferred her outline to 2nd as not overly long but preferred head of 2. That said, her head is still pleasing with good ear set. Well laid shoulders and correct upper arm.  Lean and well muscled all through and carrying a good coat.  Nice bone and feet.  Light on the move.  BP and PG4

2nd Hughes’ Siberiadrift Hallows Shine


1st Tinker’s Zaltana Raindrop’s on Roses at Lolotea (Imp Pol). 1

2nd Hughes’ Siberiadrift Hallows Shine

Open (4,2a)

1st Tinker’s Zaltana Direwolf at Lolotea (Imp Pol) ShCM. This one surprised me. Didn’t take my eye to start with but when I got hands on I found a solid, lean, well muscled dog with good shoulders and upper arm, nice ribbing, solid loin and correctly angled rear. Correct light yet powerful mover.  Quite masculine in head and I would have liked his ears a little closer.  In between coats at the moment that spoilt his overall appearance today but no denying the dog underneath. BOB

2nd Simms’ Foxfire Little Jak Horner at Arcticskies JW (Imp SA)

3rd Hughes’ Jacalous Keepsake for  Siberiadrift

Working Group

Thank you to the other judges for putting through some excellent dogs.

Gp 1 Cockerill & Forster’s Merrybear Frere Jacques – Newfoundland. Masculine and elegent in one package. Super head, lovely body shape, good size, well made fore & aft and what a mover. Free with lovely rear extension. Looked a picture in the BIS ring.

Gp 2 Trueman & Brownridge’s Jaegerot Jumpin Black Jack - Rottweiler. Another lovely boy. Really loved his head and eyes. Good size and well muscled. Well made fore and aft and another good mover with a true, powerful, driving action


Gp3 Payne’s Boxania Spice Innovation at Birleyvale - Boxer..Nice to see a boxer of correct shape with substance, style & nobility. Super head of good proportions, good depth to skull and muzzle. Lovely arch of neck.  Well made and muscled throughout. With correct topline. Loved his free, ground covering movement

Gp4 Green’s Waldershelf Here Comes Erik – Bernese Mountain Dog. A young man who still has some maturing to do but has all the essentials. Impressed on the stand and on the move.


Working Puppy Group

Gp 1 Burnett’s Sushe Too Hot To Handle – Boxer. 11mth Brindle B. My notes say “Beautiful”. Super head and neck, correct outline and well balanced. Well made & well muscled with correct shape and top line.  Correct rear and a lovely mover. Looked lovely in the BIS ring and moved even better.

Gp 2 Parkin’s Stoneglad Whos That Girl at Marshbull - Bullmastiff.  Just 6months and such a sweetie. Feminine yet powerful. Correct square head, good shaped body, wide deep chest, short loin and correct rear. Correct true movement. One to watch

9mth Blk B. This young lady presents a lovely shape. Loved her head, good neck and excellent shoulders super rear assembly. She contrived to throw it away on the move but did enough for her quality to show through.

Gp3 Farrar’s Cape Lewisporte Nirvana at Darkpeak (Imp Bel) – Newfoundland. Only 9mths and in this breed has so far to go but he impressed at this tender age.  Well made and already showing that free rolling gait with lovely rear extension

Gp4 Tinker’s Zaltana Raindrop’s on Roses at Lolotea (Imp Pol) – Siberian Husky.

Ray McDonald (Judge)