Lancaster & District Canine Society
27th September 2015


Great Dane


Open (1,0a)

1st Wren’s Thebalicious Jenny Wren ShCM.  7yr Blue, A feminine ‘old school’ Dane. Well proportioned head with good depth of muzzle.  Well angled forehand with prominent sternum.  Well ribbed back, Lovely rear angles.  True on the move if a little reserved. BOB & group 3



Open (2,1a)

1st Holden’s Westlodge Xtract Me Rottknight JW ShCM.  2yr B. Nice young lady. Loved her head, Broad skull and muzzle yet feminine. Lovely dark eye, short strong neck to well laid shoulders.  Good bone and feet.  Deep chest and well ribbed back to short loin and nicely angled rear.  Lovely mover, True and powerful. BOB and Group 2



Junior (2,0a)

1st Ball’s Newgradens Llori Nanya.  14mth Brown B. Loved her head and overall shape.  Super head proportions with good width of skull, nice ears and good breadth and depth of muzzle.  Super forehand with good bone and deep chest. Lovely rear angles that she used so well on the move. Free effortless powerful mover, BOB & Group 1


2nd Blake’s Sandbears Soulkeeper. 7mth and very raw but as expected at this age. Pleasing head with nice eye but with so much growing to do. Well made fore and aft and such a baby on the move. BP & PG1


Post Graduate (2,0a)

1st Hudson’s Baranova Waltz with Waves. 2˝ yr B.Liked her strength and outline, broad skull and muzzle. Well laid shoulders and deep well sprung ribs. Just enough rear angulation.  A little sluggish on the move.

2nd Park’s Brival Medusa


1st Park’s Brival Medusa.   Of smaller frame but well balanced all over. Pleasing head and neck, deep chest, good rear angles and a lovely mover. Would have liked a little more of her.

2nd Woods’ Sandbears Love’nit at Luvminewfs JW ShCM


Working Group


Gp 1 Ball’s Newgradens Llori Nanya – Newfoundland.


Gp 2 Holden’s Westlodge Xtract Me Rottknight JW ShCM - Rottweiler


Gp3 Wren’s Thebalicious Jenny Wren ShCM – Great Dane


Working Puppy Group



Gp 1 Blake’s Sandbears Soulkeeper – Newfoundland


AV Working Veteran


1st Holden’s Westlodge Dream of Me in Rottknight. 9yr Rottweiler. A lovely solid old fashioned B. Full of substance.  Feminine but broad head with well proportioned muzzle and nice dark eye. Deep chest and well ribbed back.  Still moving well, especially behind.

Junior Handling 6 – 11 yrs.

1st Ellie Beach handling a Rottweiler.  Good use of your voice to command your dog and I liked the way you worked you dog to get her to stand. Showed the teeth well. Good lines on the triangle although you could be a little tidier on the corners. Nice straight line to the corner & back.

Junior Handling 12 - 16 yrs.

1st Elizabeth Newton handling a Golden Retriever.
2nd Kiera Rowley handling an Irish Setter.

Very close between 1 & 2.  Elizabeth was technically slightly better. Keira showed the teeth clearer. Both stood your dogs well but Kiera did a slightly better triangle. Both of you stood your dogs offline when coming back from your patterns, rather than directly in front of the judge.  Elizabeth won out on the line to the corner and back and had a slightly better rapport with her dog.
3rd Carrie Ann Kirk
4th Alfie Thompson

Adult Handling 12 - 16 yrs.

1st Cari Hutton handling a Miniature Dachshund.
2nd Alethea Gilmour handling a Pug

Again, very close between these two. Both very attentive at the table although Cari showed the teeth a little clearer. Pattern work was good but again Cari just had the edge with slightly straighter lines. Especially on the up and down.
3rd Demelza Bottomley. You put in such a lot of work with a dog that did not like the floor. I especially like the way you continued to encourage him and didn’t get flustered.
4th Annmarie Park. Just won out with better showing of the teeth and very slightly better lines.
5th Caroline Smith

Ray McDonald (Judge)