The Lagotto Romagnolo Club of GB Open Show Ė 29/10/2016


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge their show on their 10th anniversary, such an honour and a privilege.
A lovely selection of dogs presented with the girls winning all the top honours on the day.


JUNIOR DOG Entries: 2 Abs: 0

Two nice boys

1st Williams & Carlessí Rumolboys Alban Eilir. 15mth and having an enjoyable day playing his handler up. Well up to size but all in proportion. Correct head shape with good breadth and planes on a short neck. Correct front angles with good depth of chest, short coupled, good topline and nice rear assembly. Once he settled on the move he was true coming and going with the required narrow front and good drive behind. Carrying a lovely coat. Best Dog
2nd Bullenís Karbeni Nua Nemo 14mth White, like this young man for his size and shape. Nice head, short neck. A touch longer than tall in body but has a good front assembly and length of leg. Good topline, to a moderate rear.  Not quite as together on the move today.

NOVICE DOG Entries: 5 Abs: 0

1st Catherallís Evonia Poety in Motion. This 5yr D headed up a mixed class. Would like a little more width of skull but apart from that he has a good head & neck. Correct in front angles with good length of leg. Good depth of ribbing and can present a nice outline although not as schooled as some it comes and goes. Carrying a nice coat and by far the best mover in the class
2nd Bullenís Karbeni Nua Nemo
3rd Loveís Nelbekio Almost Audace
Res Williams & Carlessí Rumolboys Smart Spitfire
VHC Walkerís Euonia Bluebell Boy

LIMIT DOG Entries: 3 Abs: 0

1st Granthamís Mizani Dorocco Raffaele . Standing alone but a worthy winner. Solid boy in lovely condition. Head as broad as I would want but with good planes and nice eye. Short neck to correct front angles. Good depth of chest.  Would like him to be a little longer on the leg. Correct topline and rear angles. Moves out well particularly behind. Tail carried high but not over the back.

OPEN DOG Entries: 4 Abs: 1

1st Catherallís Evonia Poety in Motion
2nd Kempís Ir Sh Ch Grancanna Maximus.
Pleasing 3yd D with probably the best shape, a true square. Head could be broader in skull, short neck and correct front  with good length of leg. Short loin and good rear angles. Nice mover.
3rd Nelsonís Gaesten Zippy Zingo At Nelbekio Rl4

VETERAN BITCH Entries: 2 Abs: 0

1st Deblasiís Gaesten Leapiní Lottie at Mianatra. 12yr Brown B. Liked her head proportions & nice dark eye. Correct shoulders and depth of chest. Good topline and tail carriage over correct rear angles. Best of movers, correct front and rear. Carrying a good coat. Best Veteran in Show
2nd Kempís Grancanna Bonni Bellezza.
10yr White B. Smaller frame that the winner but lovely compact body. Good angles front and rear, nice topline and tail carriage. Lovely going away and in profile but a little wide coming towards and would benefit from being moved a touch quicker.

PUPPY BITCH Entries: 4 Abs: 0

1st Fryís Timtaurn Two To Tango With Bedeslea. Just 6mth and well grown but what a lovely puppy. Correct head with dark eye giving a lovely expression. Short neck to correct open front angles. Good deep chest and nice length of leg. Short loin to long well angled rear. What a mover, correct front and drive from behind with good tail carriage. A well deserved Best Puppy in Show
2nd Walkerís Camminare Piafin Cimone
Winning the battle of the sisters enjoying their day out. 6 mths, pleasing head. Well made fore and aft. Deep chest and compact body. Would like her a little taller to improve her body proportions. Moved well.
3rd Walkerís Camminare Piafin Pietra

Entries: 2 Abs: 0

1st Deblasiís Mianatra Bound To Be Blossom. A solid 3yr white B of good outline. Like her head with good width and correct planes. Short neck and correct front angulation, deep chest, short loin to good rear.  Carrying a good coat and a lovely mover, correct narrow front and good drive from the rear.
2nd Snowdonís Gaesten Lucky Luna. A more compact B with a very nice head & neck. Well laid shoulders and return of upper arm which gives her more reach on the move. Good rear angles used well on the move giving the desired drive.

LIMIT BITCH Entries: 2 Abs: 0

1st Stephensonís Emmroche Borghesa At Timtaurn. 4yr white/orange, what a lovely girl. Feminine head but with good width, correct planes and a lovely eye. Super neck to correct shoulders, correct ratios, lovely depth of chest, correct topline and tail set / carriage. Super rear assembly. So glad she was on form on the move to take BB and then Best in Show.
2nd Nelsonís Nelbekio Almost An Angel RL2. Built a little bigger but finer but a lovely square shape. Correct lay of shoulder but a little upright in upper arm. Good depth of chest and length of leg, lovely topline and nice long rear. Nice mover although she does love showing off her tail.

Entries: 2 Abs: 0

1st Nelsonís Gaesten Desirable Diva At Nelbekio CW13 CJW13 Rl2. What another lovely mature white B. Super size and shape with correct proportions. Correct head and dark eye. Good open front angles with correct length of leg & depth of chest. Good topline to correct rear angles. Can be a little too proud of her tail at times but she is lovely on the move and in the challenge won through to get RBB and Reserve Best In Show.
2nd Williams & Carlessí Fullforge Floral Dancer.
Love the head on this B. Good size although a little longer cast. Good front and rear angles, deep chest and good topline, tailset and carriage. Another good mover

Judge Ė Ray McDonald