Kooikerhondje Club of GB Open Show 
25th June 2017

Thank you to the committee for inviting me to do their Club Show.  What a privilege and what a lovely day.  The Secretary and committee should be congratulated for making this a welcoming day for a number of novice dogs and handlers with lots of things for them to do. It was good to see some new people giving showing a go. I particularly liked the idea of running a ring-craft class before judging so the newcomers could get some expert advice before coming into their class. I hope you all enjoyed their day and will continue to show and have some fun along the way.


As for the judging, we had a good time and even a few showers couldn’t stop us.  I was a little concerned with a few rather large dogs, some short muzzles and a lack of forechest. The standard calls for dogs up to 16.5 inches and breeders need to bear this in mind or you will lose type very quickly. As it was 4 of my top winners were imports. I hope that these will be carefully bred to retain the correct traits of the breed. 

Puppy Dog


1st Miller’s Lovemix Never Stop Ralph (imp)

Just 6mths and what a sweetie. Right size and shape for this age. Love his head and his nice dark eye and well placed ears, fringing coming.  Well made front and rear with good spring of rib. Correct level topline, correct rear angles.  Nice mover with correct action. One to watch for the future. Best Puppy Dog


Junior Dog (4,0a)


1st Marsden’s Gladsheim Apollo.

Headed up an interesting class of different types. Liked this boy for his shape and size. Has a good head of correct shape & proportions with a dark eye and good ears with correct fringing.. Well made for and aft with correct depth of chest. A true correct mover with a lovely tail carriage showing off his well feathered plume. He does carry a big coat, texture is good but he does have a blanket rather than the more traditional patches of red but so many other good points.


2nd Kerfoot’s Papikoi Funsize Twix.

Another boy of good size. Maybe a touch longer than my winner and with a flatter coat. A good head but has more breadth across the skull. Nice eyes and ears. Well laid shoulders over a deep chest through to a well angulated rear. Not quite as true on the move coming and going as 1st but correct in profile with correct tail carriage.


3rd Brook’s Papikoi Timeout.

This young man wasn’t too sure of himself today. Rather broad in head but a nice dark eye and good ears. Well made and has a striking appearance both standing and moving. Needs to get his confidence back.


Res Walker’s Crunchcroft Quincey


Yearling Dog (3,0a)


1st Suiter’s Chriskoois Octavious (Imp Est).

Really like this 2yr olds head, correct shape with nice ears and dark eyes. Well made front with good depth of chest and spring of rib, level toppling and correct tailset & carriage. Good rear angles and a typey mover.

2nd Brook’s Papikoi Timeout. 3rd Junior


3rd Peachy’s Cirtaps Hertog Kipling V Tira-C (Imp).

18mths. Taller and squarer. Pleasing head and eyes. Nice shoulders over nicely sprung ribs to short loin. Good rear with correct tailset and carriage. Nice mover.


Res Walker’s Crunchcroft Quincey

Post Graduate
Dog (3,1a)


1st Atwood’s Crunchcroft Pulsar Preferred this boy for his size and movement. Pleasing skull and good eyes but needs more length in foreface. Well made with well laid shoulders, correct spring and depth of rib.  Good body proportions to well made rear. Correct topline and tail carriage.  Good typey mover.


2nd Brook’s Millhanger Livingstone. Technically this boy has a lot to like but for me there is too much of him. Nice shape head with dark eyes. Well laid shoulders, level topline and good depth of chest.  Carrying a little extra weight but moves well.


Limit Dog  (6,0a)


1st Miller’s Millhanger Mon Parrain. 2yrs. Wouldn’t want this boy any taller but apart from that, very nice.  Pleasing head with correct dark eyes and good ears. Well laid shoulders and showing some forechest. Good ribbing , level topline and correct rear angles.  Moved well with correct tail set and carriage.

2nd Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Onyx.  4yr Nice body size and shape but not as good in head as the winner and a little short in neck. Well made fore and aft with correct topline and tailset.  Moves well from all angles but does tend to carry his tail low


Open Dog (4,1a)


1st Williams’ Cairnbraid Onwaba Lukimbi of Gladsheim (Imp).

What a lovely boy.. Like his size and shape, correct through head with slight curve of skull, dark eyes and well fringed ears. Super front assembly with well laid shoulders and correct return of upper arm. Correct ribbing with depth and spring. Level toppline, correct tailset and carriage, super rear and best of movers.  Not surprising he went on the win Best Dog and Best in Show.


2nd Brook’s Millhanger Livingstone.

Well up to size but with pleasing head shape and dark eye.  Well made throughout and correct tail carriage.  Good mover.


3rd Walker’s Crunchcroft Quincey.

Another boy up to size but with a nice head and correct ears and eyes. Well made fore and aft and when he concentrates he can move nicely but was enjoying his day out.  Nice tail carriage.

Dog  (2,0a)


A nice pair of oldies, both very good specimens although different.


1st Williams’ Maximillian Alfie of Gladsheim.

Loved the stamp of this boy. Lovely head although perhaps his eyes could be a shade darker. Excels in front assembly with well laid shoulders and correct upper arm. Correct depth and spring of rib, super level topline and correct tail carriage. Lovely rear angles and it was his movement that put him front of the line and eventually on to win
Reserve Best Dog & Best Veteran in Show


2nd Swinburn’s NED CH Quanacks Favor Wonderful Whisperer at Bynton (Imp).

Another quality specimen. A little larger than the winner but still a nice size. Correct head and nice eyes. Well made front and rear assemblies. Level topline and good tailset. Really played his handler up on the move and did not show to his best.



Good Citizen Dog Scheme Dog  (3,0a)


1st Williams’ Maximillian Alfie of Gladsheim. 1st Veteran



2nd Atwood’s Crunchcroft Pulsar. 1st Post Grad


3rd Kerfoot’s Papikoi Funsize Twix. 2nd Junior


Res Brook’s Papikoi Timeout. 3rd Junior




The challenge for Best Dog

Puppy Bitch


1st Stewar’s Duckhills Thistledown Dance of Emmi over Twybrook (Imp).

11mth Beautiful B. Feminine head of good proportions with lovely dark eyes and well set ears. Well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of correct depth. Lovely body shape and proportions, level topline and correct rear. Correct and true on the move with good tail carriage, handler just needs to train her to keep her head up. Considered for RBB but just pipped by the PG winner.  Best Puppy in Show

Junior Bitch (3,0a)


1st Stewar’s Duckhills Thistledown Dance of Emmi over Twybrook (Imp). 1st Puppy


2nd Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Quantum Leap.

Very close up to 1. Correct for size and shape. Pleasing head with dark eyes.  Well made front assembly with level topline through to a good rear. Not as clean going away as 1 but otherwise, very nice.


3rd Templar’s Papikois Matchmaker.

What a sweetie. Nice size with a pleasing head but a little long in body. Well made with good shoulders. Nice rear angles and moves well.

Yearling Bitch (2,0a)


1st Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Quantum Leap. 2nd Junior


2nd Templar’s Papikois Matchmaker 3rd Junior


Post Graduate Bitch (3,1a)


1st Johnson’s Sensation vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrise (Imp Deu).

Lovely B for size and shape but you have to get under the coat to appreciate it as on the stand today her ‘bouffant’ hairstyle did nothing for her topline. Excells in head, super shape and proportions & dark eyes. Super shoulders and upper arm with spring and depth to chest. Correct rear angles.  So true and typey on the move with correct tail carriage. Pushed by the puppy in the challenge but won through to take Reserve Best Bitch.



2nd Saunder’s Millhanger Rubi Light.

This young lady was enjoying her day out and gave her novice handler a hard time. That said, I would like to see him percevere with her. I like her size and proportions although she needs to lose a few pounds. Pleasing head with nice dark eyes and well fringed ears. Well made fore and aft with correct topline and tailset.  Lovely to watch on the move when she got into her stride. With the right diet and training this young lady would do well in the ring.



Limit Bitch (2,0a)


1st Swinburn’s Cirtaps Prinses Bynton Ida Rose MK (Imp).

What a lovely young lady who got better as the day progressed.  Quietly unassuming in the class then turned on the style in the challenge. Lovely size and shape with correct head with dark eyes and well fringed ears. Super shoulders & return of upper arm and one of few dogs with forechest. Corect depth and spring of rib, level topline and correct tailset. & carriage.  Steady true mover. Went on to stand out in the lineup and win Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Reserve Best in Show.



2nd Prince’s Crunchcroft Nougat.

I have always liked this B but never had the pleasure of judging her. Now 6yrs old, how time flies. Such a pretty lady with good head shape and proportions & lovely dark eyes. Well laid shoulders with good depth and spring of rib. Level top line. So well trained and is a credit to her handler. On the move she is a joy to watch.



Veteran Bitch  (4,1a)

1st Swinburn’s Manusias Bibi at Bynton (imp).

This 9yr old ticks all the boxes for size and shape.  Feminine head of correct proportions.  Well laid shoulders  with good Spring and depth of rib.. Nice rear with correct tailset. Nice mover although not terribly cooperate for her handler.  
Reserve Best Veteran in Show


2nd Wilson’s Crunchcroft Ladybird. 7yr B.

Another pretty B with correct head and eyes. Well made fore and aft with good depth and spring or ribs. Nice mover but tended to keep her tail down and not as clean behind as the winner.


3rd Johnson’s Crunchcroft Justified of Valleyrise.

Have always liked this B and remember giving her best bitch when she was just 19mths. Still has many of her qualities especially her lovely head. Still holds a good topline and moves well but has widened a little in front and like many of us has put on a few pounds round the middle.



Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bitch  (4,1a)


1st Johnson’s Sensation vom Tespelkooi of Valleyrise (Imp Deu). 1st Post Grad.


2nd Stewar’s Duckhills Thistledown Dance of Emmi over Twybrook. 1st Puppy & Junior


3rd Prince’s Crunchcroft Nougat. 2nd Limit.



The challenge for Best  Bitch

Ray McDonald (Judge)