Kingston Canine Society 20th July 2013 

Adult Handling 17-35 yrs.

1st         Connie Hazeltine handling a pointer. A lovely sympathetic handler who set her dog up quickly and precisely . Lovely use of voice in conjunction with good lead control. Very clear presentation of the teeth, lovely lines in her pattern  work.
2nd        Emily Bennett handling a Flat Coated Retriever. A competent handler who just needs to work on refining her performance. Personally I would like to see her a little more attentive on the stand and more use of the voice to encourage the dog on the move. Remember to bring the dog back toward the judge on the 3rd line of the triangle.


Adult Handling 36 yrs & Over

Amanda Brooksmith handling a pointer. A faultless performance from this very accomplished handler. Super lines, especially on the 3rd leg of the triangle where her dog was coming straight back toward me. Something that seems to elude so many handlers. Very clear showing of the teeth and lovely use of voice on the move.
2nd        Karen Plummer Handling a Tibettan Terrier.  Close up to 1, very attentive on the stand, very good teeth, lovely lines. Just would have liked to see her move her dog a little quicker to show off the movement.
3rd       Jo-Anne Parson handling an Irish Setter. Stood her dog perfectly and moved her at the correct speed with good use of voice. Just wandered off line on the 3rd leg of the triangle.
Res     Tracey Gray
VHC    Shirley Evans


Junior Handling 6-11 yrs.

Nicola Owles handling a Samoyed and heading up a class of very mixed abilities. At the top end of the age group and gave a very proficient display.  Very attentive on the stand, clear teeth and lovely patterns with good lines. Good use of voice and bait.
2nd        Sophiw Wildig handling an Affenpinscher. Another 11yr old giving a proficient performance. Good clear teeth with this difficult breed, good patterns and excellent use of voice and food with an inexperienced puppy.
3rd       Yasmin Brown handling a Pomeranian. At 7yrs a very promising handler. Has all the basics with good showing of the teeth and lovely patterns. Just needs to develop her table skills.
Res     Bethany Wescott
VHC    Miss Alaska Brown

Junior Handling 12-16 yrs.

Miss J Gausden handling a Miniature Schnauzer. Stood her dog beautifully. Good teeth but try to get all the beard out of the way. Very Good lines and good use of voice both on the move and stood.
2nd        Lauren Brown handling as Lowchen. Lost out on her attentiveness when standing her dog. Best showing of the teeth and very good lines.
3rd       Lucie Allen handling an Akita. This young lady has all the basics and sood her dog well. Just needs to tidy up overall. Teeth were ok but could be clearer and she did get pulled off line on the triangle. Very good lines on her up and down.

Ray McDonald (Judge)