Kingstone Canine Club - 20/07/2014


Alaskan Malamute

Junior (3,1a)

1st Taylor’s Luponooshka Barbarian (AI) . This handsome 10mth young man won the battle of the siblings. Super outline with a lovely head and eye, good ear set. Strong neck of good length, super front angles and lovely bone. Good spring and depth of rib. Strength of body through to strong loin and well muscled rear. Correct topline. True on the move with a powerful gait. BOB & BP

2nd        Taylor’s Luponooshka London Wasp (AI)


Post Graduate (1,0a)

1st  Taylor’s Hyteton Iggik for Luponooshka  4yr B that is the dam to the puppies. A powerful solid lady presenting a correct outline but perhaps just carrying a little excess today. Pleasing head with broad flat skull, hazel eye and nice erect years. Well made front assembly with excellent bone. Lovely depth of chest and loin. Good rear angles a nice powerful mover but not as positive as her son. RBOB


Open (2,1a)

1st  Taylor’s Hyteton Relu Silver Moon for Luponooshka 61/2 yr B. Another solid powerful example from this owner. Liked her head, strong neck flowing into a gently sloping topline. Well made fore and aft with good bone, deep chest, strong loin to wide powerful correctly angulated rear. Slightly longer that the other 2. Another true powerful mover but did not show as well in the challenge.



Bernese Moutain Dog

Junior (1,0a)

1st Vaychkus’ Flintas Kalnu Suo 11mth D. A well bodied up young man of good shape. Pleasing head with flat skull, dark eye and close ears. Strong muscular neck flows into well laid shoulders over ribs of good depth. Good depth of chest, strong deep loin to broad rear.  Can move when he wants to but today decided he wanted to pace. Handler needs to learn to read this and how to correct as necessary. BP


Post Graduate (1,0a)

1st Nightingale’s Night Starlet Van St-Niklas at Manisla . 20mth B.  A lovely size and solid lady. Feminine in head with correct flat skull but would like a darker eye. Short strong neck and well made front with good depth to chest. Does tend to stand a little “bum high” but on the move she reached out and drove well.

Open (2,0a)

1st Nightingale’s Ch Manisla Ebony Dusk. Stood out for me. What a lovely boy. 6 ½ yrs old and looking great. Super type, presenting correct outline and proportions, good substance all through but not overdone. Lovely broad head with flat skull and good eyes. Well made fore and aft with super bone. A true solid mover with good reach. BOB

2nd        King & Bramble’s Shirdees Continental JW


Junior (3,0a)

3 nice babies, all different and at differing levels of development, each of them with their own merits, making this a hard decision


1st Kinsey’s Vannroy Antiochos at Kitarn 10mth D who scored in head, masculine with a dark eye and good proportions. Good overall body shape for his age, with well laid shoulders good depth to chest, good amount of bone and nice feet. Rear developing well, needs to tighten on the move but this will come with time and nurture. BP & Puppy Group 3

2nd        Nial & Rothery’s Davenheath Exciting Times
3rd        Simpson’s Dacfolke Takoda avec Simberger


Open (1,0a)

1st Nial & Rothery’s Debbollinby Warrior Dancer at Davenheath 2yr Boy I have admired in the past. Love his outline, super head, masculine and regal with strong neck leading to super shoulders.  Deep ribs, strong loin and a well muscled rear complete the picture. True, free and powerful on the move.BOB


2nd        Nial & Rothery’s Davenheath Dark Secret

Russian Black Terrier

Open (3,1a)


1st Stone’s Balleroy Fast and Furious

What a super young man he is. Loved his outline. Super head of good proportions, dark eye and broad nose.  Well laid shoulders over deep chest. Short strong loin to a lovely rear of good angles and well muscled. Effortless mover and so true.  Just needs to body up to complete the picture. BOB and in my opinion deserved something in the group.

2nd        Stone’s Robroyd Dukasha

Border Collie

Junior (4,1a)

I must take this opportunity to say thank you to the Border Collie exhibitors for a lovely entry

1st Edmods’ Tazaeos Cruizin. Just 6 months and such a baby but won on her type. A little unsettled and not at ease with her new handler but as the classes progressed she began to settle. Well made with a lovely typey feminine head and well made fore & aft. Showed signs of correct movement. She has all the right attributes, they just need to develop and mature together and then hopefully she will have a very bright future. BP

2nd        Emery’s Sianworth  Highland Rose
3rd        Tiller’s Foxbarton Kings Knight


Post Graduate (5,1a)

1st  Angier & Stacey’s Bilyara Cullinan JW What a lovely boy! Scores so highly for type, construction and movement. Beautiful head, masculine with dark eyes and well set ears giving that alert intelligent expression. Well made all through and carrying a good coat. Moves so typical with head low and tail level. Loved the handers reaction when I gave her the class then BOB and so pleased when they won Group 4

2nd        Tansley’s Bilyara Ice Maiden
3rd        Angier’s Bilyara Do Ucee Wot Icee
Res      Tiller’s Foxbarton Lady in Waiting JW ShCM CDEX


Open (5,1a)

1st  Stacey’s Bilyara Orapa ShCM Another lovely boy from this breeder, litter brother to my BOB, different but with lots of good qualities. Pleasant head, not a soft as his brother but with dark eye and well set pricked ears. Well made fore and aft with good depth of chest. True typey mover but lost out in the challenge to his brothers better head carriage. RBOB

2nd        Angier’s Bilyara La Luna
3rd        Tansley’s Bilyara River Ranch
Res      Tiller’s Foxbarton Kings Ransom JW


Collie (Rough)

Junior (6,1a)

1st Wells’ Collingvale Crunchie at Terelimon. Just 14mth and what a lovely young man. Just what I was looking for.  Lovely overall shape, super head and ears, well made front assembly with good depth to chest and short loin to good rear angles.  Lovely mover from all angles. Stood out in the class and his quality could not be denied BOB  

2nd        Arrowsmith’s Saganan Gundagai . 8 Mth Bl / Mrl D. A lovley youngster of good shape. Super body with pleasing head of correct planes. Well made and a nice mover. Should have a bright future. BP

3rd        Hanson’s Jards Grand Attraction
Res      Maxwell & Wallis’ Mertrisa Fancy That

VHC     Corben’s Caprioara Silver Cloud


Post Graduate (8,0a)

1st  Maxwell & Wallis’ Trenley Tatenen . Headed up a difficult class with good depth of quality. 20mths, lovely young man of super shape. Liked his head and ears. Well made front and rear, well ribbed back to short coupled loin and good rear end. Another super mover who pushed hard in the challenge. RBOB


2nd        Arrowsmith’s Saganan Lady True Blue
Glover’s Caprioara Blueberry Charm at Stormsett
Res      Jessop &
Corben’s Caprioara Twenty Four Carat at Mysticteam
VHC     Ames’ Trenley Gold Feather of Vorda

Open (4,0a)

1st  Hanson’s Jards Grand Attraction Only 15mth, not the type I was looking for. Well made and of smoother lines. Pleasing head and neck but longer in body than I was after. In good coat and moved true.

2nd        Jessop’s Mysticteam Winter Skies
3rd        Arrowsmith’s Saganan Dancing For Joy
Corben’s Wicani Spectral Blue via Caprioara


Collie (Smooth).

Open (3,0a)

1st Peacock’s Blamorder Back To The Start  9mth Tri B. Beautiful. Super type and shape. Feminine head with correct stop. Lovely neck into well laid shoulders. Lovely ribbing of good depth, short strong deep loin to well angled rear. Super true mover. BOB & BP

2nd        Benton & Wood’s Oakestelle Vivaldi
3rd        Glover’s Oakestelle Indie Rock at Stormsett


Special Yearling (1,0a)

1st Horntvedt-Phillips’ Imagine Juliet of Artic Cobaka at Phariska Pretty young lady who was completely out of coat and hiding nothing. Sweet head, well made fore & aft but rather long through the loin. Moved well. RBOB


Open (1,0a)

1st  Horntvedt-Phillips’ Imagine Juliet of Artic Cobaka at Phariska What a lovely boy. 2½ yrs, super size and shape. Lovely head with dark eye and correct black trimmings. Well made with good bone, deep chest, short coupled and in good coat. Super mover fore & aft plus a free flowing driving profile action. BOB

Ray McDonald (Judge)