Hampshire Gundog Society - 23/07/2017


German Longhaired Pointer


1st Speck’s Sarscottah Astro. 2yr D. Standing alone but a worthy winner and thought he deserved to do better in the group than he did. Good head shape and proportions with dark eyes, nice ears and a cheeky expression. Well made front with laid back shoulders, good bone and neat feet. Good angles to his well muscled rear and correct tailset. Playing his handler up on the stand and a little sluggish on the move in the breed but looked a different dog in the big ring where he showed lovely reach and drive. BOB

Gordon Setter

Puppy (2,0a)

1st Slaughter’s Cairacailie Night Of Love with Ordett. Lovely 9mth B. Pleasing feminine head of correct proportions with a lovely dark eyes. Good reach of neck to well laid shoulders and straight front. Correct depth of chest and good forechest. Short coupling, level topline and good tailset. Does tend to stiffen behind on the stand. On the move she is lovely to watch. True coming and going, free flowing with good drive in profile. BP

2nd     Mitchell’s Roydack Ruby Hidden Gem at Brobruick

Junior (9,1a)

1st Thomas’ Graylacier Charlie’s Angel at Glynderys. 14mth B. Stood out in this class. Feminine head of good proportions & dark eyes, good length of neck. Well made front assembly with good bone and neat feet. Correct depth of chest, level topline with correct tailset and carriage. Short deep loin to correctly angulated rear. Carrying good coat and furnishings. True and free flowing on the move with lovely drive.

2nd     Norman & Robertson’s Yennadon Kyllachy
rd      Slaughter’s Cairacailie Night Of Love with Ordett
Res     Mitchell’s Roydack Ruby Hidden Gem at Brobruick
VHC   Purden’s Locksheath Baloo Moon

Graduate (3,0a)

1st Thomas’ Graylacier Charlie’s Angel at Glynderys. (As Junior)


2nd     Melville’s Tsruhnova Tumnus
rd      Fuller’s Rosemullion Braganza


Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st  Nagaty’s Boyers Scherzo by Marlbeck. This 5yr D was so naughty today and gave his handler such a hard time. Nice size and shape with level back but drops away over the croup. He has a good head, masculine and of correct shape and proportions with a nice dark eye. Good depth to chest and loin. Good turn of stifle. He really enjoyed himself on the move but did show he can move with good drive and did go better for his second handler in the challenge.


Limit (3,0a)

1st Nagaty’s Forester’s Xclusive Edition at Marlbeck (Imp Deu). 3yr B. Just won a close contest in the class. Like her head, feminine and with correct shape & proportions. Correct length of neck flowing to well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth. Straight front with good bone and neat feet. Short loin and level topline with good tailset. Correct rear angles. Matured since I last judged her and shown today in a good coat. Lovely to watch on the move, correct reach and drive and true coming toward which was the small deciding factor between 1 & 2 today. RBOB

2nd     Bryant’s Muckypups D’Artagnan JW ShCM
rd      Collingborn’s Graylacier Princess Sophia RL2

Open (5,2a)

1st  Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymora. What a lovely boy. Nothing overstated and presents a lovely outline. Good head, masculine and well proportioned with dark eye. Strong neck into well laid shoulders over well sprung deep ribs. Straight front with forechest, good bone and neat feet. Well ribbed back to a short strong loin.  Level topline with correct tailset and carriage. Correct angles to a well muscled rear that he uses to good effect on the move. Shown in lovely coat and condition, his presence, outline and true, free flowing, driving movement won him BOB and then later BIS 3. Well done.

2nd     Poynter’s Hernwood Prince Of Thieves JW

3rd      Melville’s Kilnrae Party Time at Tsruhnova

Retriever (Nova Scotia Duck Tolling)

Puppy (4,0a)

1st        Hunt’s Wakaduze Zigi. This young lady stood out for me today once I got my hands on and saw her move. On the stand she is young, and today a little bum high but her construction is a joy to feel. Lovely head of correct shape with nice eyes and ears. Super front assembly, well laid shoulders and return of upper arm gives her nice forechest. Good depth and spring of rib that extends back to a short deep loin. Lovely rear angles, muscle developing, level topline and correct tailset and carriage. True coming and going with good reach and drive. Should do well. BP.

2nd       Pashley’s Wakaduze Wah Pen Dah Ska
3rd       Glaister’s Shindow Faithful One
Res     Taylor’s Wakaduze Wiyaka

Yearling (4,0a)

1st Elkin’s Tollelkin Water Dancer. Won through a very close contest in this class. Feminine B with lovely head and well set ears. Well laid shoulder and good return of upper arm that gives her reach on the move. Nice forechest, correct spring and depth of rib back to a short strong loin. Level topline and correct tailset & carriage. Lovely rear angles, and well muscled enable her to drive round the ring. Handled well to win RBOB.

2nd      Titovets & Eremin’s MAcdreams Trent From Cashel Vale RL1 AT/Slo JCH
3rd       Hunt’s Wakaduze Skoo
Res     West’s Wakaduze Wi Mimbe at Raynechaser

Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st Nightingale’s Night Starlet Van St-Niklas at Manisla . 20mth B.  A lovely size and solid lady. Feminine in head with correct flat skull but would like a darker eye. Short strong neck and well made front with good depth to chest. Does tend to stand a little “bum high” but on the move she reached out and drove well.

2nd       Titovets & Eremin’s MAcdreams Trent From Cashel Vale RL1 AT/Slo JCH

Open (4,0a)

1st Anstead’s Sh Ch/Bel/Lux/NL/Int Sh Ch Riverwatcher Atka CW’16, BWNL’14/16, BWBE’15. The opening statement from the breed standard calls for a “Medium sized, compact. Powerful, well muscled. A heavily feathered tail, constantly moving.”. That sentence sums up this 4yr old boy. Super shape and outline, correct wedge shaped head with well set ears. Excels in front assembly with laid back shoulders over well sprung, deep ribs. Short loin to correctly angulated, well muscled rear. Level topline and correct tail carriage. True on the move with correct reach and drive. Such a showman who could not be denied BOB

2nd       Anstead’s Riverwatcher Pikpaktuk JW CW’16
3rd       Titovets & Eremin’s Int/AT/HR/Rus Ch Slo GCH Delongstar Dianond Dreamer RL-EX
Res     Hunt’s Wakaduze Wakaska JWW15


Ray McDonald (Judge)