Gt Yarmouth, Gorleston & DCS - 25th September 2016

Alaskan Malamute

Open (4,2a)


1st          Robb’sCh/Int/Bel/Lux/Ger/Nl Ch Under Icewolf’s Star Inditarod JW ShCM EJW10. Belies his age at 7yrs. Lovely size and shape showing power and style can go together. Correct head of good width and good earset. Compact and strong through body with correct topline, well put together with good bone, correct angles fore and aft used well in his powerful movement especially in the big ring. BOB & Group 1

2nd        Robb’s Int Ch Icewood Hugo Boss. Another lovely specimen from this exhibitor. Built on slightly heavier lines than my winner but all in proportion. Just preferred the head and outline of my winner. RBOB

Bernese Moutain Dog)

Graduate (3,0a)

1st          Wells’ Deberni Viscount for Broels. 23mth D Good size  with a nice head, strong with correct flat skull. Lovely bone and substance throughout. Good shoulders and deep chest. Didn’t show his best on the stand but lovely on the move. RBOB

2nd          Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun. 11mth B. Lovely young lady of good shape and size for age. Well made with feminine head of good width, lovely dark eye. Good bone, deep chest and pleasing outline. A little high on her front movement today but hopefully that will settle as she matures. BP & Puppy Group 3

3rd                 Mead’s Deberni Lucky


Open (4,0a)

1st          Wells Labanc-Volgyi Happy Feet (Imp Hun).  Lovely 3yr B of good size and shape with such an outgoing nature. Well made with good forechest and depth of rib. Super head with dark eye. Good bone and feet. Best mover, true and powerful. BOB

2nd       Wells’ Deberni Viscount for Broels
Jones’ Alphanova Iridessa of Jesterbern
Res      Mead’s Monalou Good Day Sunshine




Graduate (1,0a)

1st          Turner’s Tigalian Double Date. 3yr Brindle B. Good size and reasonable shape but would prefer a more level topline. I did like her head, good depth through skull and muzzle with nice dark eye and well set ears. Nice neck and shoulders with depth of chest and lovely feet. Short loin and well muscled rear. A little unsettled in the arena with affected her movement but showed enough to secure BOB


Open (1,0a)

1st          Turner’s Tigalian Hey Dude. 4yr Red D. Imposing young man with a lovely head of correct proportions and dark eye. Well laid and well muscled shoulders, good depth of chest and loin. Preferred his topline to 1. Lacks a little angulation behind which affects his rear movement which was a little untidy.



Graduate (3,0a)

1st          Smith’s Comfortcove Careless Wispa. A Beautiful 16mth B that I thought highly of in the past. Oozes quality with a super head, correct proportions with dark eye, well set ears and broad but maintaining femininity. Well laid shoulders, deep chest and good spring of rib. Well boned with good feet. Super level topline, powerful, well muscled rear and a joy to watch on the move. Pleased to hear that this was the final point for her JW and I am sure other titles are not far away. BOB and Group 2

2nd        Tubby’s Charmedgift Top Class
3rd         Smith’s Comfortcove Stir It Up


Open (1,1a,1w)
1st         Smith’s Comfortcove Careless Wispa

2nd        Adams’ Zentaur Not With Haste. Nice boy of good size and shape. Good head & neck. Lovely bone, well made front with good depth.  Well muscled rear. A little sluggish on the move to start but the more he moved, the better he got. RBOB

3rd        Thompson’s Safeharbour One Last Dance
Res      Hayhew’s Sandbears More Than Class


My first time judging these gentle giants and what a lovely entry, thank you so much to the exhibitors for making my first appointment so enjoyable. I look forward to learning more about the breed and judging them again in the future

Junior (5,1a)

1st          Coulman-Hole’s Faynad Fifty Shades. This 14mth D headed up a class of babies.  Still so raw but everything is there for him to fulfil his potential. Loved his head, nice dark eye and well held close ears. Well made front and rear with chest developing. Such a long way to go.  On the move he is steady and true. One to watch. RBOB
2nd        Zadeh’s Faynad Storm Imogen. Lovely 7mth Brindle B. What a sweetie. Its all there, we just have to be patient and wait for nature to take its course. Lovely steady mover. BP then impressed in the big ring to get Puppy Group 4.

3rd        Zadeh’s Faynad Storm In A Tea Cup
Res      Herring & Dodd’s Faynad Annie For Ya Nanny by Heffalump


1st          Coulman-Hole’s Faynad Humpty Dumpty 14mth D up against his litter sister. Impressive young man developing nicely. Good head with dark eye and good ears, well laid shoulders, deep chest and a super rear.  Won through on his movement.

2nd        Zadeh’s Faynad Don’t Cha Annie. Lovely young lady. Good shape and depth throughout. Super head and ears. Matched her brother on the stand but not as tidy on the move.

Open (2,0a)

1st          Herring & Dodd’s Ch Cedwalla Country Boy by Heffalump.  What a lovely young man he is. Mature, imposing large powerful dog. Super head of correct proportions and size with nice eye and good ears. Clean through the neck to super shoulders, well sprung, deep ribs. Well boned. Lovely level topline, well muscled rear and nice to see a giant breed stand square behind. Super mover, powerful fluid gait. BOB and Group 4

2nd        Zadeh’s Faynad Huggy Bear




Junior (3,1a)

1st          Lee’s Leebee’s Just The One. What a super young lady. 10mths, lovely shape and size. Gorgeous head with dark eye and well set ears. Super forehand, well angulated and muscular with good depth and forechest. Nice bone and neat feet. Nice depth through loin, level topline to well muscled and correctly angulated rear. Pleasing to watch on the move, steady, true powerful gait. BP, RBOB and Puppy Group 2.

Watt’s, Gibbard & Hawkshaw’s Bevanray Quartz at Jezeve


1st         Lee’s Leebee’s Just The One
2nd        Lovelidge’s Shayllarr’s Avicii
3rd        Austen & Lee’s Leebee’s Phoenix Reborn
Res      Muffett’s Carsal Romeo

Open (3,0a)

1st          Bailey’s Chapmeek Fallen Hero. 22mth DClean outline with a lovely head of good proportions and a soft expression. Lovely neck leading to a well muscled and well made front assembly. Good Depth of chest and I like his top and underlines. Well muscled rear used to effect in his true powerful movement. BOB  and Group 3
2nd        Lee’s Chapmeek Jamaican Vibes via Leebee
3rd         Lovelidge’s Shayllarr’s Tinie Tempah


Siberian Husky

Junior (5,3a)

1st          Simms’ Arcticskies Mirror Image. 7mth Red D. What a lovely youngster, nice head of correct bredth and proportions and well set ears. Super front assembly with good bone and feet. Depth to his chest and a correct length of loin and amount of tuckup. Lovely rear angles and for one so young he is so true and settled on the move with a good driving action. BP, RBOB, Puppy Group 1 then RBPIS under Frank Kane.

2nd        Yerrill’s Alepenkye Fruit Loop

Open (5,3a)

1st          Simms’ Arcticskies Glory Awaits JW ShCM. 3yr Red boy.Mature and presenting a lovely outline. Head as broad as I would want however his quality and construction could not be denied.  Super true mover with correct amount of Reach and Drive. BOB


2nd        Yerrill’s Alepenkye Fruit Loop

AVNCS Working

Junior (2,0a)

1st          Simmons’ Chepam Woronora – Bouvier Des Flandres. Liked this 14mth B. Lovely outline, super head with a nice dark eye and well set ears. Good front with Depth of Chest and good forechest. Deep all through with correct top and underlines. Such a lovely true mover. BAVNSC.

2nd        Bodle’s Debbollinby A Saint He Aint JW - Leonberger

Open (2,1a)

1st          Studholm’s Leosrus Baby Love – Leonberger 3yr B. Nice young lady with pleasing head, well made forehand with good depth of chest.Lovely outline and good rear angles. True on the move and a lovely smooth profile gait.


AV Working

Puppy (1,0)

1st         Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun – Bernese Mountain Dog See BMD critique BAVP

Graduate (1,0)

1st         Wells’ Deberni Viscount for Broels – Bernese Mountain Dog See BMD critique

Open (3,0)

1st          Lovelidge’s Shayllarr’s Chainey Choo – Rottweiler What a lovely lady Built on powerful lines yet retaining femininity. Broad head with lovely dark eye, lovely front assembly with good bone and neat feet. Lovely strength and depth all through, good rear angles and boy can she move. Lovely steady powerful gait.

2nd        Wells Labanc-Volgyi Happy Feet (Imp Hun) - Bernese Mountain Dog
3rd          Wells’ Deberni Viscount for Broels – Bernese Mountain Dog


Working  Group

GP 1     Robb’sCh/Int/Bel/Lux/Ger/Nl Ch Under Icewolf’s Star Inditarod JW ShCM EJW10

GP 2     Smith’s Comfortcove Careless Wispa
GP 3     Bailey’s Chapmeek Fallen Hero
GP 4     Herring & Dodd’s Ch Cedwalla Country Boy by Heffalump

Working Puppy Group

PGP 1  Simms’ Arcticskies Glory Awaits JW ShCM

PGP 2  Lee’s Leebee’s Just The One
PGP 3  Flaxman’s Glanzberg See The Sun
PGP 4  Zadeh’s Faynad Storm Imogen

Puppy Stakes

1st          Harris’ Wembholt Just Fliss - Bulldog. What a lovely young lady who caught my eye from the start.10mths, lovely shape, gorgeous head with dark eye and correct ears. Lovely square front, well muscled shoulders, deep chest, strong loin and a well shaped and well made rear. Impressive on the move, not only correct but obviously fit as she covered the ground with ease and no sign of being out of breath in what was a lovely big ring.

2nd       Olner & Harrison’s Schonhund Show La Diva Loca - Weimaraner
3rd        Collett’s Laavas opportunity Network - Afghan
Res      James-Parker’s Pinot Grigio Gattaca (Imp Pol) – Chinese Crested
VHC     Watkins’ Albionspitz Dazzling Red - Eurasier