Folkestone, Hythe & DCS
6th March 2016


Gordon Setters


Puppy (1,0a)

1st Cairns’ Windsinger Laawen

11 mth B. Typical Gordon puppy, full of life. Good head proportions and nice dark eye with mischievous expression. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders, good length of upper arm, chest of good depth for age with nice spring or rib. Well muscled loin and rear, good rear angles. Once settled on the move showed true fore and aft and good reach and drive in profile. BP


Yearling (3,1a)

1st Thomas’ Chartan Treacle Tart JW.

18 mth B. What a lovely young lady. Super head of excellent proportions with lovely dark eye and correct ear set and carriage. Good neck to well laid shoulders enough forechest, good depth of chest and spring of rib straight front with good feet. Correct topline and set on of tail. Well muscled rear with correct angles. Super mover.


2nd        Powell’s Kimgilee Maori Spirit


Open (8,3a)

What a super class.

1st Bryant’s Muckypup’s D’Artagnan JW.

Loved this dog for his outline and type. Good head proportions, masculine yet not too broad. Lovely length of well muscled neck flowing into well laid shoulders, good forechest and depth with correct spring of rib and length of loin. Correct tail set and carriage. Very good rear angulation and what a lovely mover, true coming and going with reach and drive in profile. BOB

2nd Tye’s Kyuna Olympic Arrow of Tymora.

Another lovely dog presenting a nice outline, very pleasing head, well made fore and aft. Very close up to 1 in the class and could not be denied being called back for RBOB.

 3rd        Nagaty’s Forester’s Xclusive Edition of Darkmoor at Marlbeck (Imp Deu)
Res      Thomas’ Chartan Hermione Grainer        
VHC     Bartholomew’s Jenesta Secret Artist by Bartholeys ShCM

Spaniel (English Springer)

Puppy (2,0a)

Two very nice but very different puppies.

1st Wilson’s Cassapple Rumba

6½ mth B. Lovely head perhaps eye could be darker. Beautiful front assembly with a lovely straight front good bone and feet, well ribbed with good depth, lovely level topline to well angulated rear. Rather distracted on the move but glimpses where it all came together true fore and aft and good reach and drive in profile. BP

2nd        McCourt’s Guinness On Tap at Woodspa

Yearling (1,0a)

1st Walker’s Dexbenella Serendipity.

13 mth B. Another lovely young lady of good type feminine head although little light in eye she has a good neck flowing into well laid shoulders, very good front with super depth of chest. Well ribbed back to short loin and lovely rear angles. Lovely topline, good tailset and a true steady mover.


Open (4,1a)

1st McCourt’s Ir Sh Ch Woodspa Royal Ascot ShCM.

This 3 yr B pulled out all the stops today. Lovely type and size with a super head and ears, through to well laid shoulders, good forechest and depth of ribbing, well ribbed back to short loin, level topline to lovely rear angles. Such true movement coming and going and so easy in profile she looks like she could just go and go. Today she did just that winning BOB, the gundog group under Linda King and topped them all winning best in show under Michaela Edridge.  Congratulations.


2nd Rowlinson’s Cassapple Kentucky Dream at Metarose

.So unlucky today to beat the best of breed, this young man also took my eye on the stand, masculine yet refined with all the right lines and another good mover. Just didn’t quite command the attention like the winner. RBOB.

3rd        Walker’s Dexbenella Dodging Bullets


Collie (Rough)


Yearling (4,3a)

1st Benton’s Brooklynson Jane Russell of Oakestelle.

Standing alone and out of coat but this bitch just oozed quality and breed type. An exquisite head that excels in shape proportions and planes, with super ears that are well set and used well. Good length of neck, well made front and rear and well muscled. So nice to see a rough collie that can move true with correct tail carriage. She may have been out of coat but stood out to win BOB


Open (5,1a)


1st Wells’ Collingvale Cast A Spell over Terelimon.

This 5yr dog presented the best outline in the class. As broad in skull as I would want, but with good muzzle and planes. Well made fore and aft with good ribbing. Moved true and okay in profile. RBOB

2nd        Patterson’s Amalie Lynmead You’re a Star to Treeview
3rd        Rutherford’s Trenley Promise to Treeview
Res      Ames’ Trenley Gold Feather of Vorda

Shetland Sheepdog


Puppy (2,1a)

1st Hodson’s Roschri Highland Lassie.

8 mths young lady with a lovely head and eye and well set, mobile ears. Well made in front with correct ribbing of good depth. Good rear angles. Coat coming along nicely. Moving a little close in front today but lovely behind with good tail carriage. Just needs to grow in confidence. BP

Yearling (1,0a)

1st Weller’s Dukeson Chasin’ Stars over Evad.

What a lovely young lady. Super shape and size with pleasing head, lovely eye and expression and super ears. Well made fore and aft, very good forechest and very good depth of chest. Strong arched loin to lovely rear angles. Super mover, so true fore and aft and very nice in profile, thoroughly deserving of BOB.


Open (2,0a)

1st  Weller’s Evad Star Gazer JW.

Masculine 4 yr D of good type with pleasing head and lovely ears. Well made front assembly good depth of chest, short coupled to good rear. Best of movers, true coming and going, steady and ground covering in profile. In good coat. RBOB. 

2nd        Well’s Collingvale Confetti at Terelimon
3rd        Sendall’s Peerieglen Pearl Drop of Sendora
Res      Sendall’s Sendora Waltztime

Ray McDonald (Judge)