East of England Agricultural Society

8th July 2011






Junior Dog (2,0)


1st Whybrow’s Unosta Conquest. Just 12 months old but this young man certainly commands your attention. Super outline, lovely correct head, dark eye & well set ears. Good neck into excellent shoulders & well sprung ribs with good depth.  Correct angles on the rear, nice neat feet & in good coat for one so young. Finally, boy does he take your eye when he moves, true fore and aft and so lovely in profile, holding top line and a nice level carriage. Today worthy of BOB.

2nd  Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Masterpeice. 11 month boy a little nervy today & didn't seem to like his surroundings. He has a lovely shape, nice head and his angles look good but I couldn't get over him properly. He was a little happier on the move, very good in front and in profile. He was a little wide behind but that could have been down to him not being settled. If his handler can getting through this phase I am sure he will do well in the future. BP.



Post Graduate Dog (2,0)


1st Williams Crunchcroft Kinsman of Gladsheim.. 2 yr old with a lovely head and eye, good ears & fringing. Lovely front with excellent shoulders, a little longer in the loin than some of the others but correctly angled rear. Best front in the class, moved well behind and lovely in profile. In good coat


2nd Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Kindred Spirit. I preferred his overall shape to the winner. Lovely head & dark eye. Good ears, well laid shoulders, good loin and lovely rear. Not quite as consistent in front movement today.



Open Dog (3,0)


1st Whybrow’s Unosta Kaspar Sh CM. Heading up a nice trio of dogs this 6yr old is of a lovely size with a super head, dark eye, lovely ears & good fringing. Excellent shoulders, correct length of loin and lovely rear angles. Super level tail on the move, lovely mover fore and aft and very good in profile. I have done him well in the past but today he had to step aside and let the youngster take over. RBD


2nd Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Invincible 5 yr old. Taller than 1 and a little stronger in head with a lighter eye. Excellent shoulders and well sprung ribs of good depth. Good rear angles and a good mover.

3rd Williams Maximillian of Gladsheim



Post Graduate Bitch (3,0)


1st Kennedy’s Crunchcroft Lyrical. 21 months with a very nice head & dark eye. Well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of good length and depth. Good rear angles and the best mover of the class. True fore and aft with correct profile gait.


2nd Wilson’s Crunchcroft Ladybird. Slightly shorter coupled than her sister (1st) and slightly shorter in muzzle. But has the same well laid shoulders and well sprung ribs and good rear.  Not quite as positive on the move. In good coat.


3rd Whybrow’s Crunchcroft Jorja at Unosta



Open Bitch (2,0)


1st Johnson’s Crunchcroft Justified of Vallyrise. 3 years old. Beautiful head, lovely ears & dark eye. Excellent shoulders and well sprung ribs of good depth, lovely rear angles.  In between coats at the moment. A true steady mover with a lovely tail carriage took my eye in the line up to earn BB but didn't quite have the presence of the young dog in the challenge.


2nd Whybrow’s Unosta Trixie. 6yr bitch different in shape to 1 shorter in body. Good head, slightly lighter eye, good ears and fringing. Lovely shoulders over well sprung ribs. Good rear end and nice mover. RBB



Best Breeder - Kennedy (Crunchcroft)



Judge – Ray McDonald