East Anglian Gundog Society

7 April 2013



Irish Setter


Puppy (3,0a)

1st Box’s Shenanagin Singled Out for Fernstart. Heading up a trio of very nice puppies which is always a good sign for any breed. 11mth D Still very raw but had everything I was looking for. Correct outline, long lean head with dark eye, lovely length of neck, well laid shoulders, good length of upper arm and a straight front. Correct spring of rib and good depth. Lovely rear angles. Typical puppy on the move but showed good reach and drive in his free ground covering movement. BP

2nd Box’s Fernstart Golden Charm at Blackborough.

3rd Mackness’ Wynjil Well Maybe


Junior (3,0a)

1st Swainston’s Glenvarna Dora the Explorer. 13mth B. Presenting a lovely outline, very pleasing in head and eye. Super shoulder over correctly sprung ribs of good depth and length to well muscled loin. Lovely rear end with good muscle definition. On the move she covers the ground with ease and was true coming and going. BOB

2nd Swainston’s Glenvarna Beryl The Peril

3rd Haill’s Snuggler Honey Pie


Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st Briggs’s Kirkavagh Hula Dancer. 2yr B. Another B presenting a lovely correct outline and head. Nice eyes and ears. Good lay of shoulder over correctly sprung ribs of good depth. Strong loin to lovely rear angles. Was rather erratic coming and going today although looked good in profile.


Open (3,0a)

1st Kerrison’s Serrula Sweet Song at Roguechien. 6yr B. Presenting a lovely shape on the stand. Pleasing head and eye. Super lay of shoulder. Good spring and depth of rib. Lovely loin to correct rear angles. On the move she was very good behind. A little unsettled in front to begin with but improved the more she moved. RBOB

2nd Box’s Fearnley Funtime at Fernstart

3rd Lewis’ Glenlaine The Bridegroom among Valasarch


Large Munsterlander


Junior (1,0a)

1st Patrick’s Ashlowrick Amazing Grace. 14mth B, Young  lady that still has some maturing to do. Pleasing head and eye with good stop. Super lay of shoulder but a bit wide at the withers which causes her to run a bit wide in front. Lovely spring of rib. Strong loin to correct rear. A little lackluster on the move but moves very nicely behind.


Post Graduate (2,0a)

1st Patrick’s Ashlowrick Amazing Grace

2nd Smith’s Fulaluv Aurora.  


Open (4,0a)

1st Nickelson’s Blitzan Eternal Light. 4yr B of correct shape and presenting a lovely outline. Good head, nice eye and correct ears. Super shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth and length. Nice rear assembly. Best mover with free ground covering, true gait. BOB

2nd Waters’ Tarkanya Lytas Llewellyn

3rd Dowden’s Sh Ch Brockchime Snowdrop of Chontelle JW

Res Waters’ Tarkanya Lytas Lilac




Junior (8,4a)

1st Sillince’s Tomlow May You Never. 14mth B/W D. Lovely young man. Super type and shape with lovely head of good shape and dark eye. Super shoulders, lovely straight front and neat feet. Well ribbed back with good spring and depth.  Good rear angles allowing him to drive round the ring with free effortless movement.

2nd Beesley’s Ridanflight Rhodri at Birchleith

3rd Purdy’s Medogold Puttin On The Style. Just 7mths and such a lovely baby. Super shape and with such a lovely feminine head. Good length of neck to well laid shoulders. Correct spring of rib with good depth. Super rear angles. Showed her age on the move but at this age its more about enjoyment that getting it right every time and she certainly enjoyed herself but did enough to show glimpses of lovely movement. Pleased to award BP then thrilled to watch her put on a much more settled display to win Best Puppy in Show.

Res Roberts’ Fanmatrix Dashing Dancer

Post Graduate (5,1a)

1st Booksmith’s Nightgold Blackavar. 22mth B/W B. Presents a very nice shape. Pretty feminine head of good shape with pleasing eye.. Super lay of shoulder, lovely ribbing of good depth and well back to strong loin. Correct rear angles. True fore and aft and showing good reach and drive in profile.

2nd Coone’s Bonnygate Lady Whisper of Valleypoint

3rd Purdy’s Nightgold Snowdrop

Res Roberts’ Fanmatrix Serious Sirius


Open (4,2a)

1st Brooksmith’s Smartbay Vintage Gold. 3yr O/W B. Heading up a very nice pair of ladies. My winner just had a bit more length in body. Lovely head, good length of neck and very good lay of shoulder. Lovely straight front, deep chest and neat feet. Good rear angles and well muscled. Super free, true, ground covering mover. BOB

2nd Blowers’ Bonnygate Karriage Queen of Deadway (AI)

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Open (5,2a)

1st Caldwell & McDowell’s Gemill Back to the Future for Cerysan JW – Welsh Springer Spaniel. 22mth D. A lovely happy young man of good shape. Masculine, clean cut head, lovely neck and super shoulders. Good spring of rib, good forechest and depth. Well muscled and solid to go over. Easy mover who covers the ground well.

2nd Webb’s Fletlanders Pumpkin at Hectson – Golden Retriever

3rd Senington's Lingbank Portia

Res Kerrison’s Serrula Sweet Song at Roguechien

VHC Roberts’ Fanmatrix Serious Sirius


Ray McDonald (Judge)