Dunstable & DSC

9 April 2012



AVNSC Terrier


Junior (4,3)




1st - Adams’ Werac That’s The One TAF.  7mth Cairn Terrier. Looking a picture on the stand and a ‘baby’ on the move.  On the table this young man stood well with a pleasing outline, good head with dark eye. Good lay of shoulder, compact body with good rear.  Enjoyed his day. BP






Post Graduate (7,1)


1st- Hardy’s Magandthan Black Heather, 2yr Scottish Terrier. Good shape with good length to head. Dark eye, ears set high and erect, correct bite.  Well ribbed back to short muscular loin. Nice mover.

2nd Fry’s Finloch Henrietta. Scottish Terrier

3rd Lester’s Saredon Princess Pam, Welsh Terrier



Open (6,1)





1st Cox’s Gregbar Mercury Rising, 6yr Bull Terrier. Good shape to head with correct eye. Very good shoulders and front angulation. Well muscled throughout to good rear. Super mover with nice neat feet. BOB




2nd Fry’s Finloch Henrietta. Scottish Terrier

3rd Hardy’s Trakside Springtime of Magandthan, Scottish Terrier





Junior (4,1a)





1st Draper’s Kyoshi Moonshine for Shiroshi. 10½ mth D. A lovely masculine young man of good type with a good outline. Broad head of correct proportions. Strong well muscled neck, good lay of shoulder, good substance to body to a good rear. Best mover with a free, true powerful gait. BP, RBOB




2nd Cunningham’s Shyllar Born to Shine

3rd Fiddes’ Saburuko’s Bringing Sexy Back

Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st Draper’s Miyamoto Kyoshy New Moon (Imp ESP) A typey 21/2 yr B with good outline. Lovely head, strong but feminine, with dark eye and kind expression. Strong through neck to well laid shoulders over sprung ribs. Well muscled throughout. Good rear end.  Just not a true on the move as her young kennelmate.


Open (2,1a)





1st Ronis’ Ruthdales Lastman Standing. Upstanding young man, good breadth of head, correct ears and eyes. Good bone and feet. Well laid shoulders over sprung ribs.  Well muscled throughout. Free, fluid, powerful mover with good drive. BOB and Group 3





Gundog Group

1st Webb’s Fletlanders Pumpkin, Golden Retriever, A young man that apparently I judged before and did well. Lovely outline and a masculine head with dark eye giving soft expression. Lovely front and rear, True stylish mover

2nd Pretty & Carpenter’s Totenkopf War Games at Joaldy JW ShCM, Cocker Spaniel.  Another typey young dog. Full of character. Masculine head, Well made throughout. Lovely mover. Just not the presence of the winner on the day.

3rd Summers’ Sh Ch Robin Hamblet, Welsh Springer Spaniel

4th Huckle’s Gayplume Fly By Night, Flatcoated Retreiver


Gundog Puppy Group

1st Murry’s Araminta Glass at Gayplume, Flatcoated Retreiver, What can I say about this gorgeous young lady. Full of type, beautiful head, well made and a lovely mover. One to watch for the future.
2nd Tracey’s Ddenicol Georgia Brown, Golden Retriever. Another very nice young lady, Nice outline, lovely head and expression, well put together and true on the move.
3rd Barklay’s Cherryheath’s Mr Mischief, Welsh Springer Spaniel

4th Weller’s Juldeane Morgan Le Fay, English Setter.

Hound Group

1st McEwan’s Maudaxi Tycoon Ginger from Marunnel, PBGV. Took my eye in a nice group. Lovely head with that typical ‘mischevious’ expression. Lovely shoulders and complimenting rear angles. Well ribbed back and short well-muscled loin. A joy to watch on the move with a lovely free, true action.

 Endersby Mowbray Morning Mist Dachshund MSH.  What a little star. Lovely head, well ribbed of good proportions. Well made with good topline and underline. Moved with attitude

3rd Simkin’s Simeldaka Verdala Master ShCM,. Beagle

4th Chryssolor’s Anasazi Malt Whisky, Saluki


Hound Puppy Group

1st Allenby & Walder’s Rangali Little Ted PBGV, Another Puppy who just commands attention. Typey and well made with lovely front and rear assemblies .True, sound mover with style and attitude. Stood out in the group and then kept showing to win Best Puppy in Show. Congratulations and thoroughly deserved.

2nd Wood’s Rogermardax Jack Spratt, Dachshund SLH. Lovely shape, nice head, good amount of keel, well made throughout. Lovely mover.

3rd Pursglove’s Wilmit Fayme, GBGV
4th Muggleton’s Mosiarto Mister Motivator, Dachshund MSH .


Open Stakes

 1st Sutton’s Mamai Master benedict ShCM. Dachshund SLH. A super 7yr old. Lovely head of good shape, Lovely front with good keel. Correct topline and underline. Well rounder muscled rear. Commanded attention on the table and on the move.

2nd Webb’s Fletlanders Pumpkin, Golden Retriever. Gundog group winner.

3rd Gillingham’s Silverdreams Aussies Time Will Tell at Parkgrove (IMP) Australian Shepherd.


Ray McDonald (Judge)