Driffield - 30th September 2016


Puppy Dog (3,1a)

Two nice but different boys

1st          Donaldson & Palumbo’s  Prizelands You're The One For Rainethyme . Black boy, up to size but balanced and carrying a lovely coat today. Good head proportions and dark eye. Well laid shoulders over good ribbing to short loin. Correct rear angles and moving well.  

2nd         Egginton’s Quijote De Las Brisas Del Mar Del Valentisimo (Imp) 10mth, longer cast that 1 and not as tall. Liked his head with correct proportions. Lovely front angles and well angulated behind.  Carrying a good coat. A stylish mover.

Post Graduate Dog (3,0a)


1st          Egginton’s Valentisimo's Guerrero. Blk/White boy of good shape, would prefer slightly less length of muzzle but good in skull. Has a lovely front assembly with good forechest and good depth of ribbing. Moderate in rear angulation and a steady correct mover. Short coat of good texture

2nd         Whitehead’s Duende Wavelet Built on smaller lines but balanced with a good head. Well made front with correct angles, well ribbed to short loin. Correct moderate rear angles & neat feet and correct mover.

3rd Findlay, Sloan, & Donaldson’s Prizelands No Sacrifice

Open Dog (3,0a)

What a lovely class of 3 very good specimins

1st         Egginton’s  Valentisimo's Tuvida. This white boy does not necessarily take your eye at first glance but that changes when you get your hands on him. Super head of correct planes & proportions, short neck through to a lovely front assembly with well laid shoulders and correct depth of chest. In such good condition, well muscled all through to his correct rear assembly. In full coat and a lovely free, true easy mover. Such a pleasure to award him Best Dog and later Best of Breed. Thought he deserved something in the group.
2nd        Findlay, Sloan, & Donaldson Prizelands Mask Of Zorro As stated this was a quality class. A black version of the winner in a shorter coat. Well made fore and aft, in good condition and a correct mover from all angles. Nit picking to place the 3 of them and just preferred the head of the winner today. So close which is why he was called back in to take RBD

3rd Wiseman’s Valentisimo's Olli Dante

GCD Dog (1,0a)


1st          Wiseman’s Valentisimo's Olli Dante. 3rd in that lovely OD class but that is by no means a discredit. Another of correct shape and proportions in both head and body. Good front assembly and good depth of chest. Short coupled and moderate rear angles.  In good coat. Lovely in profile and rear just not as clean in front movement as the others today.

Puppy Bitch (4,2a)

1st          Whitehead’s Pabiaga's Love Bites. 7mth Brown / White. Lovely young lady with a pleasing head with good proportions. Lovely forehand with well laid shoulders, deep chest and correct moderate rear angles. Nice coat coming back after a clip. Steady on the move and went better in the challenge later to win BP
2nd         Egginton’s Princesa De Castro De La Cuerda Floja Del Valentis . Loved this little lady. 6mth Brown / White on her debut to the ring. Lovely size & shape, feminine with correct head. Super front and rear assemblies and with a lovely coat. Such a shame she was so over-awed and unsettled on the day but once she settles in she will be one to watch. Moved well when settled. 


Junior Bitch (1,0a)

1st          Ozanne’s Valentisimo's Alba Del Lyntonridge. 12mth Brown / White. A pretty, feminine lady but a little longer cast. Super head and well made fore and aft. Deep chest and good topline. A stylish mover


Post Graduate Bitch (3,1a)


1st          Whitehead’s Buttermilk Wavelet At Pabiaga  2yr Brown / White. Liked her size and outline, smaller cast but correct proportions. Pleasing head, perhaps muzzle could be a fraction shorter. Correct front angulation, deep chest and good topline. Short coupling to correct rear assembly.  Another good mover.
2nd         Egginton’s Valentisimo's Ibiza This 2yr Brown / White was not very happy on the move today. Larger frame that 1 but good proportions. Good front assembly with well laid shoulders. Seemed rather tense on the stand which straightened her stifle and raised her rear end and spoilt her topline. More settled on the move


Open Bitch (4,1a)

1st          Egginton Valentisimo's Pacopilik . 5yr Brown / White and my notes start WOW. Heading up another quality class was this super B of lovely proportions in both body and head. So well made, well laid shoulders, lovely fore chest and depth of ribbing. Correct level topline and short loin through to correctly made rear.  Carrying a good coat that flows when she moves. True coming and going with correct reach and drive in profile.BB
Not concentrating in the challenge which spoilt her movement handing top honours to the dog.
2nd         Hodgkinson-Rutherford & Hodgkinson’s Burta Marinero Tesoro At Chanderhill (Imp) Another quality B. 2yr Brown, of good size and shape with a lovely head. Super shoulders and depth of chest, slightly longer cast that the winner, correct moderate rear angles and another that can move. RBB

3rd Donaldson’s Prizelands Sweet Lullaby

Judge – Ray McDonald