Crystal Palace C A

14 April 2013



Gordon Setter


Junior (2,0a)

1st Bryant’s Muckypups D’Artagnan. 9mth D. Still lots of growing up to do but just right for this age. Presenting a lovely outline with a good head & dark eye. Excells in shoulder and upper arm, well sprung ribs of good depth and showing good fore-chest. Lovely rear angles that he used on the move to display a super driving action. BP & RBOB

2nd Boxall & Lambert’s Laurelhach Causin A Storm 17mth D of good size and very masculine. Presents a pleasing shape.  Strong masculine head, good deep chest and nice rear angles.  Preferred the front angles on my winner. Good mover.


Post Graduate (3,0a)

1st Horler’s Lordace Stable Lad ta Rackensp. 2yr D. Nice boy. As long as I would want. Good head, dark eye. Very good in shoulder with a good spring of rib, good depth. Nice rear andgles and showed well on the move. Good reach and drive, best in front. BOB

2nd Gatfield’s Ordett Kir Royale. 2yr D. Good shape with a broad head. Nice dark eye. Good neck and shoulders. Well sprung ribs reaching well back. Good reach and drive but not as steady in front as the winner.

3rd Powell’s Kimgilee Hipi


Open (2,1a)

1st Horler’s Aldabrook Morning Glory at Rackens ShCM 6yr D. Good shape but again as long as I would want. Good in head with lovely dark eye. Nice neck to good shoulders and deep chest.  Lovely free mover.


English Setter


Post Graduate (1,0a)

1st Deering’s Rosetimber Foxy Breeze 3yr Blue B. What a beautiful young lady. Lovely size and outline. Super head with nice eye and correct ears. Excellent front assembly with deep ribs, correctly sprung and reaching well back. Good rear angulation. Free easy happy mover, very true fore and aft, effortless in profile. BOB and later Gundog Group 4


Open (1,0a)

1st Deering’s Rosetimber Foxy Lady Another nice B. 8yrs and such a sweetie but just not the presence of her daughter. Well made but not as happy on the stand which spoilt her topline. Very pretty head, with a lovely dark eye. Another easy mover. RBOB


Irish Setter


Puppy (1,0a)

1st Pullen’s Seowns Brilliant 10mth D. What a lovely young man. Super size and shape. Correct long lean head with lovely dark eye. Excells in shoulder and good length of upper arm. Correct spring of rib with good depth. Lovely rear angles. What a super mover!  Very good reach and drive and true coming and going. So rare in the breed these days. BP & RBOB


Post Graduate (3,1a)

1st Williams’ Kirkavagh Wayward Lad 3yr old and just coming into his own. Super shape with long lean head, elegant neck and a gently sloping topline that is so rare these days. Excells in front assembly topped of with nice neat feet.. Correct spring of rib with good depth through strong well arched loin to a well angled rear. So easy on the move with good reach and drive and true fore and aft. BOB and later Gundog Group 1

Sorry No Photo Available

2nd Pullen’s Brinara Back For Good Another nice boy on the stand of good type and shape. Lovely shoulders, good ribbing and depth of chest. He was rather sluggish on the move today.


Open (2,1a)

1st Pullen’s Seowns Argyle 6yr D. Another of correct shape with pleasing head although I would prefer a darker eye. Very good shoulders and upper arm.  Deep chest and a lovely rear. In good coat.  Free ground covering mover.

AVNSC Gundog


Post Graduate (5,2a)

1st Charles’ Menstonia Iolanthe of Stagarth - WSS  What a lovely young lady. 3yrs. Good shape with pleasing head and dark eye. Lovely sshoulders with good fore chest, spring of rib and good depth. Lovely rear end. True mover

2nd Braine’s Kuantuan Kordelia taf - Weimeraner 3yr B and apparently a newcomer to the show scene. She was rather unsettled on the stand but came out of her shell on the move.  Lovely head with good neck and shoulders. Good length of body. Well made rear. Neat feet even on this surface.  Moved with drive once she got going.


3rd Marsh’s Gallyocean White Rapids - Weimeraner


Open (3,1a)

1st Ganstrux Storm Hawk – Bracco Italiano 3yr D of correct shape. Good head and nice eye. Good length of neck into well laid shoulders, good depth of chest, well muscled loin to powerful rear end. True powerful driving gait with correct tail carriage. BAVNSC.

2nd Gills’ Brenros Take Me Right Round JW - WSS 4yr D. Good size and shape, would prefer a little more work in the head to give a more masculine look.  Very good lay of shoulder, super ribs with good depth and fore chest. Nice rear angles.  In good coat. Lovely profile gait but tended to move a little wide in front.


Gundog Group

Gp 1 Williams’ Kirkavagh Wayward LadIrish Setter

Gp 2 Wilmshurst’s Mandamay BeyonceLabrador Retriever 3yr Yellow B.  Lovely for size and shape. Nice head with good skull and close ears. Super shoulders over well sprung ribs of good depth.. Lovely bone and nice feet. Strong loin to well muscled rear. Powerful true mover.

Gp3 Todd’s Toddrose Oasis DreamGolden Retriever - At just 15mths she is still a baby but presents a super shape and size. Lovely head with dark eye.. Well laid shoulders and return of upper arm over well sprung ribs of good depth. Lovely straight front. Strong loin to well muscled, well angled, rear. Such a lovely easy mover.

Gp4 Deering’s Rosetimber Foxy BreezeEnglish Setter

Gundog Puppy Group

Gp 1 Welch’s Hookwood Only Me -Pointer Just 11 months. This young man has a bright future. A baby in the group but stood away here. Lovely head with good eye. Super shoulders, deep chest, well ribbed back to strong loin. Lovely level topline. Well muscled rear.  Superb driving action, true fore and aft. His young handler presented him faultlessly and moved him to perfection. Well done

Gp 2 Bryant’s Muckypups D’Artagnan -Gordon Setter

Gp3 Charlton’s Petranella Jubilee Jester - ESS 9mth young man. Very nice with good head and neck. Good lay of shoulder, well ribbed to a well angled rear. Coat coming nicely. Such a steady mover.

Gp4 Weller’s Geenawell Mumma MiaAmerican Cocker Spaniel Just 6mths and what a sweetie. Not at all phased by her surroundings. Super shape with a gorgeous head and lovely dark eye. Good neck to a well made front assembly. Such a steady mover for one so young. Could have a bright future.

Ray McDonald (Judge)