Crufts 2017

Portuguese Water Dog


What an honour to be asked to judge this lovely breed at the best show in the world. Then I was thrilled when I read that the entry was the highest ever in the UK since the breed was awarded CC status in 2008. So thank you to all the exhibitors for putting their trust in me and for the fabulous turnout with only 4 absentees.

 I have to say, that over the last 18 years I have had an association with this lovely breed I have seen a few changes but today I was delighted with the consistency and quality of the entry. Yes, there were a few where movement could be better and some of the young bitches were rather over-awed by the day, but generally size has improved, heads were typey with good mouths and the correct features of occiputs, median lines and good open nostrils. Feet were of good shape and size in all but a few cases.


Veteran  Dog (3,0a)

1st Johns’ Ir Sh Ch Gemson Rabelias.

Lovely 9yr boy of good type. Good breadth of skull and muzzle. Well laid shoulders over well sprung deep ribs.  Loved his rear angulation and tailset. Best mover in the class

2nd Walmsley’s Ch/Am Ch Driftwood's N Makitso War Ambassador (Imp USA).

Belies his 10 years. Built on smaller lines but well balanced and good shape. Good head, well made front assembly. Not quite the angulation behind, moved well if a little close

3rd  Bingley’s Winterkloud Shooting Star (Imp USA).

The ‘baby’ of the class at 7yrs, taller than 1 & 2, pleasing head and body shape. Good angles fore and aft. A touch wide in front coming towards but moved well behind.


Puppy Dog (2,0a)

Two promising 9mth old youngsters

1st Reddin & Williams’Rarjo Quicksilver

A very confident youngster with attitude. Lovely head with good breadth to skull and foreface. Super front assembly with good depth. Correct topline, short loin, enough rear angulation and like his bone. Moves with ease and good drive.

2nd Mainland’s Dragonbank D'artagnan

Another promising puppy. He did appear to be enjoying his day and gave his handler a hard time. Liked his head. Has a super front assembly with good depth and nice forechest. Needs to develop behind. Good bone and feet. Not as settled on the move as 1.



Junior Dog (8,0a)


1st Pike’s Rarjo Any Dream Will Do at Breezelyn

Heading up a trio of very nice dogs. A bit of a clown but not to be denied. Love his size and shape. Correct head, well made front with well laid shoulders. Good heart and lung room. Nice angles behind.  Played his handler up on the move but once settled he was true coming and going with a nice light trot in profile

2nd Kristiansen’s Aquafortis Lorenzo Alexander Robel [ATC AT03023NOR].

A dog you have to get your hands on to appreciate what is under all that coat. Lovely head with good width, Super shoulders and rear angles. Heavier set that 1 but another correct mover.

3rd Thompson-Morgan & Morgan’s Belleville Anjo Negro

Another quality youngster. Liked his size and shape. Another super mover with a correct head, well made front and rear. In profile just a little squarer behind that I was looking for.


Res Spencer’s Islekeepers Gudenuff
VHC Stevens’Cartmel's Galhadro


Post Graduate Dog (4,1a)

1st Markovicova’s Jemalle Energic Spirit [ATC AS02093CZE].


Nice boy, super body shape, well made and balanced. Correct head, well laid shoulders and good rear angles and shape. True and correct on the move.

2nd  Matton’s Winterkloud Trouble Maker


Smaller than 1 but still correct & of good shape. Pleasing head and well made front. Nice rear angles and shape. Good mover. Just not quite the presence of the winner.

3rd Robinson’s Belleville Noite Foguete.


Nice young man of good size and shape. Good through head and shoulders, Nice rear. Rather distracted on the move and a little wide coming towards.

it Dog (4,0a)


1st  Thompson-Morgan & Morgan’s Hooligan Sing To Finland From Belleville (Imp Fin).

A nice moderate well made dog of good type. Loved his head, super forechest and depth of rib under well laid shoulders.  Nice rear angles and a lovely correct mover.

2nd  McGill’s Enter The Heaven Jamalle Winterkloud (Imp CZ).

This boy did his best to give his handler a hard time. Liked his type and size. Nice head, well laid shoulders and good rear end. True on move.

3rd  Mellor’s Austwell I Get Around.

Taller dog but balanced. Good front angles with well laid shoulders. Long sweeping rear.  Moved out well.


Res Markovicova’s Jemalle Eldorado [ATC AS02092CZE]


Open Dog (15,0a)

A lovely class

1st  Newton’s Ch/Can/Am/Mex/Nor/Swe/It Ch Hi Seas Dr Romeo Macduff.


Heading up a lovely line. Super size and shape, correct in so many ways. Well laid shoulders with good forechest and depth of rib. Short loin to a well angled and well muscled rear. Presence both on the stand and on the move. True coming and going with a correct light trot in profile.  DCC then won through in a very close challenge for BOB.  So please I was able to then watch him win Group 4 in the big ring.

2nd Kristiansen’s No Ch Aquafortis Galileo Galilei [ATC AU00230NOR].

This young dog pushed all the way. Lovely size and shape, masculine head of correct proportions, well made front assembly with good forechest and depth. Short coupling and well made rear. Another super mover. Pleased to award the RCC

3rd Oliveira’s Claircreek Lusitano Oceano Atlantico [ATC AU00717PRT].

Slightly larger build but well balanced and proportioned and with lovely rear angles and rounded rear. Well made front and broad masculine head. Moved out well


Res Killilea’s Ch Belleville Noite Preta at Majesixs
McGill’s Winterkloud Hugo Boss


Good Citizen Dog Scheme Do (2,0a)

1st  Hobbs’Cartmel's Debellador.

Nice young man, well made and of good size and shape. Moves true with drive. Handler needs to ensure she stands him to advantage and stretch him out a little behind

2nd Samuelson’s Olhao Carlos Castro Marim.

Unplaced in the big open class. Nice boy with good head. Rather unsettled on the move and a little wide in front.



Veteran Bitch (5,0a)

All these girls contrived to throw the class away.
1st  Stevens’ Cartmel's Abbadessa.  

Gave her novice handler a hard time but when stood correctly I liked this lady for her size and shape, Lovely head and well made fore and aft with well laid shoulders, deep chest and short loin. Nice rear angles and well muscled. The only one in the class to still have her true movement.

2nd  Green’s Gemson Roberta Grandway.

Another who I like for her size and shape.  Well made all through with a pleasing head. Did move rather close behind but lovely in profile.

3rd  Barton & Johns’ Ch/Ir Sh Ch Gemson Symphony among Auldhelm.


Built on different lines, longer through the body that 1 & 2 but with a lovely head. Well made and shows well but a little looser coming and going.


Res Cobley Ibn Harun Coral [ATC AH01057PRT]
McGill Ch Digadogs O Cornelia (Imp)

Puppy Bitch
(5,0a,W'dr 1)

Some big stage nerves for some of these young ladies.

1st Deldehed’s Dragonbank Dream Dazzler.

I really loved this youngster and a little disappointed to hear she is now off to Sweden but I wish her well and I am sure she will enjoy much success. Super shape and size with a sweet head. Super forehand, body and rear. So settled and true on the move. A star of the future and pleased to award her BP

2nd ’Reddin & Williams’ Rarjo Rogue.


Slightly taller and squarer than 1. Well made with a lovely forehand and good rear. Pleasing feminine head. Moved well.

3rd Holness’Belleville Song To Sing

The naughty one in the class! Nice shape and feminine head. Made well and moved well when she started to settle
to seeing how she develops.

Res Robinson’s Oakholme Foguete Vermelho

Junior Bitch (7,0a)

1st Reddin & Williams’ Rarjo I Dreamed A Dream by Bregantia.


Liked my top 3 very much but this young lady stood out. Lovely size and shape, super forehand with forechest, spring and depth of rib, short coupling to a well muscled and well angled rear. Super mover, true coming and going and correct in profile.  One of the 3 I considered for the RCC but still has a little growing up to do.

2nd  Sugden’s Pascha Da Casa Da Buba.


Built along finer lines that the winner but well proportioned with a good head, lovely front and rear assemblies and another correct mover.

3rd  Thompson-Morgan & Morgan’s Belleville Asas De Anjo.


The 3rd of my trio. Super head, feminine but with good breadth. Slightly squarer in outline and not as rounded on the rear but a quality specimen. Another good mover.


Res Woodcock’s Belleville Olhos De Anio
VHC Arvay Zsuzsa’s Florpequena [ATC AT02979PRT]


Post Graduate Bitch (8,0a)

I was a little disappointed with this class, especially with some being very wary.

1st  Araujo’s Don't Worry Be Happy Vandens Stichija.


Not quite what I was looking for as built on squarer lines but she is well made with a pleasing head. Liked her forechest and well laid shoulders. Lacked curves behind. Moved well.

2nd  McGill’s Winterkloud Double Trouble .

Another of good shape and well made. Particularly liked her width of thigh. Pleasing through head and neck

3rd  Henry & Moody’s Grandway Emmalouise .


Smallest of the first 3 but balanced and well put together. Took time to settle but once she did she stood and showed well. Pleasing head, like her rear angles and moved well once she gained more confidence in the surroundings.


Res Reed’s Ankors Haminja over Lilybrook
VHC Hopkins’Claircreek Ocean De Fleurs at Cordula (Imp)

Limit Bitch (8,1a)


1st   Green’s Grandway Mistique.

For me this B stood out. Love her for size and shape, feminine head of correct width, well made fore and aft, well muscled with a super rear. Ideally could be moved a little quicker but showed true movement and correct profile gait.

2nd  Taylor’s Rarjo All About That Bass At Tamlin.

Built on slightly different lines and a little taller than the winner. Pleasing head and well put together with well laid shoulders and nice forechest.  Another with a goord rear and lovely on the move.

2nd  Tweedie’s Ro Ch/Ro Gr Ch Rysalka The Two Step.


Smaller in frame but good type and well balanced. Well made and particularly liked her rear. True coming and going and moved well in profile.


Res Hobbs & Creffield’s Melfield Elusive Emerald
VHC Stevens’ Cartmel's Destiny

Open Bitch (6,2a)

1st Kristiansen’sInt Ch Aquafortis Cha-Ching By Robel.


What a super bitch this is. Strength and femininity. Top end for size but her balance, construction and movement outweighed that. Lovely forechest, well laid shoulders over deep ribs with plenty of heart and lung room. Excels in the rear and what a mover. A pleasure to award her BCC.

2nd  Oliveira’s Quartz Negra Das Aguas Bravas [ATC AS02606PRT].

Another quality bitch. A little longer in body than the winner. Lovely head and so well made fore and aft with a super rear and another excellent mover. RCC

3rd  Tweedie’s Ro Ch/Ro Gr Ch Rysalka The Two Step.

Smaller in frame but good type and well balanced. Well made and particularly liked her rear. True coming and going and moved well in profile.


Res Killilea’s Ch Patriot's In The Nightskye at Majesixs


Good Citizen Dog Bitch (2,0a)

1st Samuelson’s Isabella Da Ria Formosa.


This lovely 9yr old belies her years. Lovely size and shape, pleasing head, super forehand with well laid shoulders and good forechest. Short coupled and a nice rear. Steady mover with good drive.

2nd  Reed’s Ankors Haminja Over Lilybrook.

Loving her day out. Well up to size and carrying a few extra pounds. Pleasing feminine head and well made front and rear. Moves well.


Judge – Ray McDonald