Clacton & DCS - 25th June 2016

Flatcoated Retriever

Open (1,0a)


1st          Phipps & Baker’s Gemswin Dennis The Mennace at Maddouse. Standing alone but a nice looking boy. Love his head of good shape and planes, not too broad. Well made front with good bone and neat feet. Solid all through, deep chest and level topline. Good rear angulation with correct tailset with a lovely level wag on the stand. Good coming and going and a joy to watch in profile, fluid with good reach and drive. BOB

Labrador Retriever

Puppy (2,0a)

1st          Carrington’s Carringdale Debonair. What a lovely young man. Just 8mths and coming along well. Liked him for size and shape, correct head with flat skull, dark eye and well set ears. Super front assembly with well laid shoulders, good depth of chest and correct spring of rib. Would like a little more turn of stifle but he does show good reach and drive for his age and is a sound steady mover. His type and soundness winning through on the day to take BOB, BP and Puppy Group 3. Well done.

Graduate (1,0a)

1st          Double & Harris’ Lembas All That Jaz. I liked this 2yr B. Good size and shape, lovely feminine head with a nice dark eye. Just a little longer cast than but well made with good shoulders. Good top and underline with depth to chest, correct tailset and carriage. Very nice on the move, true coming and going with reach and drive in profile.


Open (3,1a)

1st          Double & Harris’ Lembas Dream Maker. .5yr D. Masculine with a pleasing head of good shape and dark eye. Well made with good front and rear, lovely deep chest and well muscled throughout. A little slugginsh on the move but showed sound true movement.


2nd       Gentleman’s Ballyduff Blackcap at Embletay

Spanish Water Dog

Junior (1,0a)

1st          Long’s Mountairy Country Boy for Newmoorhill. Liked this young man. 8mth blk/wht D. Good size and shape. Liked his head with correct flat skull and parallel planes. Well made front with well laid shoulders, deep chest, short loin and a well angulated rear. Carrying a nice coat of correct length. Super mover, straight and true with the correct amount of reach and drive in profile. BP & BOB


Graduate (1,0a)

1st          Carr’s Carbonnie Dona Roxanna. 2tr B, not very sure of herself today. Pretty little B of good shape. Managed to get hands on a little as she settled and she is nicely made. Much more confident on the move.


Junior Handling

I was surprised by the quality of the handling.  There is a lot of talent here but it needs to be refined.  Lines were the main issue with all of the handlers. Everyone displayed that they could move their dog in a straight line for the first 2 legs of the triangle but after that they all seemed to go to pieces.  I was willing one of them to put in a good performance and they would have walked away with their class.  As it was I was nit picking between places.

6-11yrs (6,3)

 1st  Kiera Barbor  8yrs handling a Shar Pei.  A very smartly presented, accomplished handler, I liked the way you set your dog up and the way you worked to get him just right. The 3rd leg of the triangle did not come back to me and the up and back was a little wavey. I really liked the way you talked to the dog. My main comment would be stop overshadowing, only move when you need to.  Very close to getting BJH in the challenge

2nd Laila May Ogborn,
10yrs, handling a Mini Smooth Dachshund. Well presented and I liked the way you stood your dog on the table and your way or reassuring her. You need to practice showing the teeth and remember what I said about the lead position when starting off.  Same comments regarding the 3rd leg of the triangle and the up & down apply.

3rd Gweni Vaughan 11yrs handling a Cavalier. A very relaxed handler. You work well with your dog but you need to pay more attention to standing him on the table to make him look good.  Like to way you move him but you do need to work on your lines. 


A close class as all 3 did some things well and others not so well and any one could have one with a consistent performance. As with the younger handlers, lines were an issue. 

1st Trinity Rob. Handling an Alaskan Malamute. Never easy with a big dog but you can still do straight lines.  I like the way you stacked him up and showed the teeth. More attention to the lines will complete the picture. BJH

2nd. Lily Albone.
Handling a Pug. You struggled on the table with showing the teeth which the breed is not used to so makes this more of a challenge in a handling class. Apart from that, the same comments regarding lines apply.

3rd Tye Kitchen 15yrs handling a Italian Greyhound.  As I said earlier, you could have won this class had you come back to me on the triangle and produce straight lines.

Judge – Ray McDonald