Chippenham & DCS
3 April 2016

English Setter


Graduate (2,1a)

1st Stirk’s Mariglen Perfect Day for Grakar. 2yr Blue Belton B.Good size and shape. Loved her head with a dark eye and a soft expression. Well made front assembly with good bone and neat feet. Lovely rear angles and a positive free flowing mover with correct tail carriage. BOB and Group 4


Irish Setter


Puppy (3,1a)

1st Rorke’s Cataluna May Queen. 10mth B. Rather unsettled at first but grew in confidence as the day progressed. Lovely head shape, good neck and shoulders. Nice body with good depth of chest. Super rear angles, good turn of stifle and once settled the correct topline. More relaxed on the move, true coming and going and excels in profile. BP & Puppy Group 3



2nd         Sargent’s Danaway My Sweet Lord

Graduate (9,2a)

1st  Waterton’s Sandstream Welcome Breeze JW. Headed up an interesting class. Love her head, long & lean with a dark eye. Lovely outline with correct topline. Good through neck and shoulders. Correct depth of chest & length of loin. Lovely rear angles with correct tailset and carriage. Felt she could be more positive on the move and needs to go a little quicker.


2nd        Maple’ Siochanna Celtic Sapphire
3rd        Hoskins’ Sandstream Just A Breeze
Res      Rorke’s Zakhan’s Leading Man
VHC     Hall’s Glennara Never Can Tell JW


What a lovely class with quality down the line.

1st         Prangle’s Heathclare Old Glory JW ShCM. Just pipped it on the day. Masculine head with good expression. Correct neck to well laid shoulders.  Lovely body shape and correct topline when he concentrates on what he is doing. Lovely rear angles with correct tailset and carriage. True on the move showing good reach and drive. BOB and Group 3


2nd        Rodda’s Teramour Going For Gold. Built on slightly larger lines than the winner but of correct shape with a lovely head. Well made and lovely to watch on the move. RBOB

3rd        Rorke’s Zakhan On The Grid                                                            
Res      Byrne, Edwards & Howlett’s Siochanna Irish Legend ShCM
VHC     Allum’s Macarica Steet Dancer

Spaniel (Cocker)


Junior (4,1a)

1st         Watson’s Durandabell Bands of Colour. 9mth Blue/R D. Liked this young man for his shape. Masculine yet refined head with a lovely dark eye. Well made fore and aft, deep well sprung ribs and a good mover. True with good reach and drive. BP

2nd      McWilliams’ Fernstone Speckled Wood         
3rd       Warrington & Howlett’s Zakova Pure Gold

Graduate (3,1a)

1st         Watson’s Durandabell Tittle Tattle. Blue/R B, just 12mths. Lovely shape with a super topline. Good head with dark eye and a mischievous expression. Well spring ribs of good depth, short loin and correct rear angles. Good coat.  A little unsettled on the move at first but more settled on the final circuit to clinch the class. RBOB

2nd        Moutrey’s Sunzo Sonatina               

Open (3,1a)

1st         Howlett’s Joslynnville Wendy Darling Among Suelynda. 5yr Blue/R B. Mature B of correct size and shape. Lovely head with dark eye. Good neck to a superb front assembly, lovely depth and spring of rib. Well muscled shoulders. Short muscular loin to correctly angled rear. Lovely positive mover and boy can she cover the ground. BOB

Spaniel (American Cocker)


Graduate (1,0a)

1st        Marsh’s Wraxhill Yukon Strike ShCM. 2yr Buff. Lovely example who stands out for shape and style. Good head with dark eye, good length of neck to well laid shoulders. Good topline and tailset. Lovely rear angles used to effect on the move, straight and true, covering the ground. In good coat. Judged him as a puppy where he won a good stakes class. Today however he lacked body to make it into the group places. BOB


Open (1,0a)

1st        Rivett’s Geenawell Black Knight A good looking 4yr Blk D. Masculine head with a lovely dark eye. He lacks the gently slope to his topline on the stand and I would like a little more forechest. Lovely shoulders though with correct spring of rib. Good rear angles. True coming and going but a little lazy on the move. RBOB


Retriever (Curly Coated)


Oen (1,0a)

1st         Mistlin’s Maycourt Starman by Crookwood. 2yr Brown D. A masculine, upstanding boy, good head and neck, well laid shoulders, good forechest and depth of rib. Nice bone and good feet. Well muscled loin and well rounded rear. Nice straight front if a little close behind and lacking drive in the class. Moved much better in the larger group ring, showing much better extension. BOB


Hungarian Wirehaired Visla


Junior (2,0a)

1st         Sitch’s Brown George. 18mth D. Liked his size and outline, good head & neck. Well made forehand, good ribbing and nice rear. Handler could make more of him on the stand. Moved nicely, correct coming and going with lovely extension in profile. BOB

2nd        Reed’s Tamriol Black Widow with Cuffnells 8mth B. What a sweetie. Rather square in outline but love her head.well made front and rear, good spring and depth of rib.  Nice little mover. BP


Open (1,0a)

1st         Richardson’s Tragus Apricot Beauty of Carlequin.  Really liked this young lady on the stand. Typey and of good size & shape. Lovely head, elegant neck, good forehand and depth of chest. Feet could be better. Super rear end, good width of ham and well muscled. Like her topline and tailset. Moves well in front and profile but was doing something ‘odd’ with her right rear which cost her BOB. Hopefully a transient problem. RBOB


AVNSC Gundog


Puppy (2,0a)

1st         Allum’s Inostricani Palmina Del Macarica – Italian Spinone. WOW. Loved this young lady. Super shape with a lovely head. Super forehand with good depth. Correct topline, short strong loin and lovely rear angles with good width and correct muscle. So true and positive on the move from all angles. One to watch. BP and Puppy Group 1 then on to win Reserve Best Puppy in Show under Sheila Jakeman.

2nd        Bradley’s Nyllaup Chilli Pepper – Spaniel (Irish Water)        


Graduate (6,2a)

Lovely class

1st         Powell’s Darhelis Diante – Weimaraner 2yr D. When he concentrates and stands properly he is a lovely sight. Masculine head of good shape, muscular neck into well laid & well muscled shoulders. Lovely forechest and depth. Good bone and nice feet. Correct length of body, super rear angles again well muscled. On the move he looks like he can just keep on going. Lovely to watch. BAVNSC


2nd        McAllister’s Hopkiln Great Beatrice – Lagotto Romagnolo. This young lady caught my attention. 23mths of good size and shape. Pleasing head, correct front and ribbing. Nice rear angles well muscled and a lovely mover. RBAVNSC

3rd        Gregg’s Laurelhach Yarra – Gordon Setter
Res      Warry’s Elgert Ray Of Light - Spaniel (Field)

Open (1,0a)

1st         Hydon’s Mompesson Sweet Revenge - Spaniel (English Spinger). 8yr B. Pleasing bitch of good overall type and shape. Feminine head of good proportions. Well made front and rear with good spring and depth of chest. Stood out in the class both on the stand and on the move.


2nd        Walker’s Malanis Pirate at Ameysford - Spaniel (Irish Water)        
Sandiford & Howlett’s Hernwood Capt Jack - Gordon Setter
Res      Tatum & Powell’s Weltguist Amy - Weimaraner

AV Gundog


Veteran (1,0a)


1st          Rorke’s Cataluna Pole Position. Irish Setter. 7½ yr D. Loved this boy for his type and outline. Classic head, good length of neck, super forehand with good depth of chest.  Correct rear and what a lovely mover.  Can still teach the youngsters a thing or two. BV

2nd        Rodda’s Teramour Going For Gold                                                          
3rd        Porter’s Shearstone Top Totty                                                                  
Res      Powell’s Bonario Burlesque – Bracco Italiano
VHC     Byrne, Edwards & Howlett’s Siochanna Irish Legend ShCM

Gundog Group


Gp 1     Stuckey’s Medogold Coralie of Pendan JW ShCM – Pointer.  Well, where do I start?  I judged this young lady at 13mths and fell in love then. Super type with such a classic correct head. Lovely neck to a fabulous forehand.  Lovely ribbing to a well muscled and correctly angulated rear. Excels on the move, true coming and going correct reach and drive in profile. So pleased to be able to award her Group 1 and thrilled that she went on to win Best In Show.

Gp 2     Porter’s Shearstone Grace and Favour – Retriever (Golden). Another lovely B. Good type and size. Well made and it’s nice to see a Golden move with enthusiasm. True coming and going with a easy ground covering gait.

Gp3      Prangle’s Heathclare Old Glory JW ShCM - Irish Setter

Gp4      Stirk’s Mariglen Perfect Day for Grakar – English Sette

Gundog Puppy Group


PGp 1   Allum’s Inostricani Palmina Del Macarica – Italian Spinone       

PGp 2   Cobden’s Hawkfield Bonze for Alozia – Pointer. Another lovely Pointer. So well put together and so steady on the move for a youngster.

PGp3    Rorke’s Cataluna May Queen – Irish Setter

PGp4    Wall’s Jimjoy Saucy Brown at Brynkellan - Labrador. What a sweetie, lovely shape. Well put together, liked her head, good neck, deep well sprung ribs. So steady on the move.

AV Sporting Easter Egg Open Stakes

1st         Tatum & Powell’s Weltguist Amy – Weimaraner. A dog of 2 sides. Judged her earlier with a different handler and she was not happy. Here however she was a different dog. Much happier and more relaxed which gave her a different look. Well made pleasing head, good length of body, nice rear angles and excelled on the move. So sound and true.
2nd        Maple’ Siochanna Celtic Sapphire – Irish Setter
3rd        Roberts & Spearing’s Redcap Break The Mould at Linkenlees - Beagle
Res      Mistlin’s Maycourt Starman by Crookwood – Curly Coated Retriever

Ray McDonald (Judge)