Critique for Chelmsfod & DCS


Can I just say a thank you to the exhibitors who accepted me as a replacement judge for Mrs Samways who unfortunately had to go into hospital. She asked me to pass on her apologies and I am sure we all with her well in her recovery.


Puppy (4, 0)





1st Jones’ Rangali Looby Loo. PBGV. A very smart 8mth young lady. Pleasing head, correct ears and bite. Well made throughout with good angles.  Good coat. Lovely free mover. BP and Puppy Group 2






2nd Nichols Serenties Special Secret. Dachshund MSH

3rd Locksmith’s Abbeydac Liffie Dachshund. MSH

 Post Graduate (4,0a)





1st Macline’s Criscan Keira. Dachshund. MLH. Pretty young lady with good head shape, lovely eye and expression. Prominent keel ahead of well laid shoulders and good upper arm. Correct length of rib, lovely rounded rear. Lovely free mover with good length of stride and correct head carriage.







2nd Ward-Blower’s Whitewebbs Painted Black by Willowmist. Dachshund. MWH

3rd Marshall’s Kandecx At Last at Soufrier. GBGV


Open (4,0)





1st Gaskin’s Hampdach Take It To The Limit with Dovestream. Dachshund SSH. This young 18mt boy loves to show off. Stands proud presenting a lovely outline. Lovely head with Dark eye. Super front and rear with good lay of shoulder. Correct length of rib leading to well muscled loin. Well rounded rear. Proud, free flowing mover with a good stride. Best AVNSC and Group 2




2nd Collett’s Mhasud Unforgetable JW. Afghan

3rd Jones’ Monty’s Glorious Moment at Dacview. Dachshund. MSH


Portuguese Pondengos

First time judging these and what a delight it was. Lovely dogs and exhibitors alike.


Junior (1,0a)





1st Klimcke’s Tollfox Constant Katy. 10mth B, enjoying her day out. Good shape and well made. Nice head with pleasing expression. Good coat. Stood well on the table but needs to improve her concentration on the move. BP



Post Graduate (3,0a)





1st.Folds’ Jaflings Manha Magica. 4yr D. Lovely young man with a good head. Well put together with well laid shoulders. Correct shape. In good coat and the best mover in the class.




 2nd Tate & Klimcke’sReadwald Vida

3rd Segul’s Vale Do Vale DoCutileiro Da Arranbourne (Imp)


Open (4,0a)





1st Segul’s Arranbourne Cavalo. What a little showman. 2yr, lovely shape with good head and ears. Dark eye giving a lovely expression. Lovely angles with well laid shoulders. Level topline, correct tail set and carriage. Super mover. BOB and G4




2nd Folds’Plushcourt Moda at Jaflings

3rd Bellenie’s Arranbourne Catalina at Belfus



Hound Group







Group 1 Hudson’s Glenoak Kamala JW. A very nice Black Saluki B.. Beautiful outline with super head. Dark eye and alert expression.Well made fore and aft with well laid shoulders. Correct bone, good length of leg. Correct topline, well muscled loin and rear. Lovely rear angles and good tail carriage. Smooth graceful mover with good reach and drive.










Group 2 Gaskin’s Hampdach Take It To The Limit with Dovestream. From AVNSC










Group 3 Bond’s Stainlonan Bellis at Regalflight. Deerhound. Lovely head and eye. Good strong neck to well laid shoulders. Good bone and feet with correct straight forelegs. Correct topline, arched over loin. Lovely rear angles. Easy, true elegant mover.









Group 4. Segul’s Arranbourne Cavalo. Podengo






Hound Puppy Group







Puppy Group 1 Fulcher’s Yazminca Marnies Legacy to Khandibah. 8mth Whippet. Lovely outline with long lean head, strong elegant neck, arched topline and good tuckup. Well laid shoulders, deep chest and correct spring of rib.Good rear angulation. Good feet. Lovely true mover with long easy stride. Enjoyed watching her win RBPIS









Puppy Group 2 Jones’ Rangali Looby Loo. PBGV. From AVNSC








Puppy Group 3 Banks’ Forgebanks Perseus. Beagle. Lovely outline with pleasing head, not overdone. Dark eye. Well laid shoulders, good spring of rib and deep chest. Good bone and tight feet. Good mover.








Puppy Group 4. Klimcke’s Tollfox Contant Katy. Podengo





Judge – Ray McDonald