The Brittany Club of GB- Memorial Special Classes
8th July 2017

What an honour to be asked to judge the memorial classes at the BCGB Championship Show. I was thrilled with my entry of 20 dogs making 21 entries.

A lovely day and a really enjoyable weekend due to the welcome from the committee, members and exhibitors alike. It was lovely to see so many people stay for the dinner on the Saturday evening and supporting the club at the events on the Sunday.

Wright Special Yearling Dog or Bitch (7,0a)


1st Hargreaves’ Bonapartist Lancelot. 

Super boy of lovely shape and size. Cobby in body with a masculine head of correct proportions with correct eyes and ears. Well placed shoulders over deep well sprung ribs, good forechest.  Level topline, short loin and correct moderate rear angles. Nice mover, true with correct reach and drive.


2nd Yarrow’s Bonapartist Linnet

Super B just pipped by her brother. A feminine version of my winner she contrived to throw it away but redeemed herself in the line and could not be denied. Correct all through for shape and size. Head feminine of good shape, correct eyes and ears. Lovely ribbing of correct depth and spring. Short coupled to correct rear angles. Another correct mover.


3rd Coveney’s Tillybirloch Mistique

13mth young man, pleasing head and good body shape, correct spring and depth of rib. Good rear angles, level topline and moves well.


Res Finch’s Jassendue Manet’s Medley


VHC Radcliffe’s Leader De Tremouard

Hawwise Barn Speacial Beginners Dog or Bitch


1st Southorn’s Rochus Juliet.

Liked this B for her head and body shape and size. Perhaps a touch long in leg but with a well made front assembly, short loin and level topline. Not the spring of rib of some but good depth. Nice rear and moved well.


2nd Cutler’s Tarward Laura at Jayricnbrits.  

A small B with a lovely feminine head. A little longer in body than my winner with good depth of chest and spring of rib. Well made fore and aft. Moved well with moderate reach and drive.

3rd Wright’s Hawkwise Land Agent

A nice boy, quite strong in head but a good shape with good eyes and ears. Well made with good Spring of rib, level topline and short coupling.  Not as clean behind as 1 & 2.


Res Boaz’s Jassendue Liana


VHC Davies’ Rochus Lottie


Tailiside Britt Special Open Dog or Bitch


1st Poole’s Sh Ch Bonapartist Gourrege .

Wow, what a super boy this is. 5yrs, mature and excels in type, just what I was looking for. Super head with correct shape, nice eyes and well set ears. Lovely front with well laid shoulders over well sprung ribs of correct depth.  Nice forechest that is lacking in many. Short deep loin, correctly angled read and level topline complete the picture. On the move he is true with correct reach and drive. If there had been a 'Best Special' then he was it.


2nd Molton’s Sh Ch Jayricnbrits Eternal at Braebrits.  

This 8yr veteran B can still move it with the youngsters. Super head, feminine with the correct attributes. Well laid shoulders with correct spring and depth of rib. Level topline and correct rear. Still a lovely mover.


3rd Coveney’s Tillybirloch Jem

2yr D. A typey boy with a masculine head with correct eyes and ears. Well made front assembly with good Spring and depth of rib. Short coupled and level topline to give him is correct shape.  Correct rear angles. Today he was not as clean in his rear movement which moved him down the line.


Res Potter & Cook’s Sh Ch Tailliside Winter Berry


VHC Mouton’s Patouche Acropole

Ray McDonald (Judge)