British Gordon Setter Club – 4th October 2014

Special Classes.

What an honour to be invited to judge these special classes. Thank you to the Club for giving me this opportunity and then a special thank you to the exhibitors for a wonderful entry of 21 over the 3 classes.

Puppy (7,1)

1st         Boxall’s Laurelhach Encrypt. 6mth D. A lovely young man who scores well in all departments. Lovely head of good proportions with a dark eye giving a pleasing expression. Well made fore and aft. Flowing lines from neck through level topline to slight slope at the croup. Deep chest with good forechest and depth through the loin.  Good amount of bone and nice feet. Best mover too, true coming and going with a steady gait for one so young.


2nd        Ashton’s Yennadon Renaissance with Gadieburn. 9mth D. Still very much a baby. Pleasing head and dark eye. Nice outline when he wants to cooperate and stand properly. Well made fore and aft with level topline and good tailset. Not as steady on the move as the winner.

3rd        Marsh’s Kilnrae Pot Pourri
Res      Mappin’s Bryerdale Texas Star
VHC     Halliday’s Yennadon Ress

 Post Graduate (9,5)      

1st         Bryant’s Muckypups D’Artagnan JW. Liked this boy for his balanced outline and head, not too broad and of good depth with a nice dark eye. Good front and rear angles with a lovely deep chest. Flowed round the ring with good topline and tail carriage. True coming and going.


2nd        Sandiford’s Benbuie Rock on To Hernwood JW. More upstanding than 1 but with a masculine head of good proportions.  Well made forequarters with good depth of chest, forechest, good bone and feet. I would have liked less tuck up and a better turn of stifle. Moves out well in profile and behind but needs to tighten in front.


Open (5,1)

What a lovely class, thank you.

1st         Ford’s Sh Ch Liric Special Fanfare with Shillay (AI) JW ShCM. What can I say. This young man oozes class and type. Super head and eye with a  lovely expression. Neck flows into a very well made front assembly, deep chest and loin, level topline and correct tailset and carriage. Lovely width of ham on a well made rear. Good bone and feet.  In good coat and moving so well. Truest of the day coming and going and an easy profile gait.  Pleased to award him Best Special.


2nd        Halliday’s Ch Yennadon The Druid JW. A different type but with many good qualities. Heavier in head and body, and shorter coupled to give a different body shape. But to look at him he still says ‘Gordon Setter’. Well made fore and aft, deep through chest and loin with good front & rear angles. Easy steady mover.

3rd        Millar’s Lainnireach Highland Way
Res      Johnston’s Maymeral Cover Story at Glenquin


Junior Handling


 2 Handlers at either end of the spectrum.  One who has been handing for years and is a very accomplished handler against another who was in her first class.

 1st         Jessica Horler.  This young lady knows her handling wasn’t perfect today but having just come from the breed ring after winning that all important third CC she can be excused for not concentrating.  That said, most of the time her dog was stood perfectly and I could not really fault her pattern work. Simple, calm, effective handling and a joy to watch.

2nd        Eleanor Gower.  Showed that she knows the basics of showing a dog and now needs to be shown the finer points of stacking and moving especially some of the idiosyncrasies of Junior Handling. Remember to keep the muzzle level and the neck at approx. 45 degrees.  In handling always keep your dog between you and the judge moving as necessary to allow the judge a clear view of your dog. Good luck with the training and I look forward to seeing you in the ring at some other shows.

Ray McDonald (Judge)