Bristol & District Dog Club - 21/3/2015


Alaskan Malamute

Post Graduate (2,0a)

1st  Forsey & Louch’s Diamond Diosa Snow Flake of Engel.  10mth B. What a lovely young lady presenting a super outline. Good body proportions with a beautiful head, broad, strong yet feminine with a dark eye and intelligent expression. Well made fore and aft with super bone and feet. Good spring and depth of ribs, strong through the loin to a well muscled and correctly angulated rear. A super mover, a pleasure to award BP then thrilled to watch her win the Puppy Group and hear that she went Best Puppy In Show.


2nd        Smith’s Snowshoes Chasing Rainbows


Open (2,0a)

1st  Smith’s Snowshoes Aurora Borealis. 18mth B. Very nice feminine bitch who scores in head from me today. Good neck to well made front with good bone and feet. Nice body shape through to well angulated rear. True on the move from all angles. BOB and later Group 3

2nd           Forsey & Louch’s Libertia Son of Anarchy



Post Graduate (2,1a)

1st Horton & Williams’ Gertlush Lady Henniker 23mth B but being a bit of a puppy today. Very feminine bitch of good size and shaped super head of good proportions with good eyes and ears. Lovely straight front with good bone and feet. Depth of chest and good spring of rib. Strong, wide deep loin, well muscled rear and a very good mover. BOB.


Open (1,0a)

1st Horton & Williams’ Gertlush Glory of the West. 23mth D. Litter brother to my PG winner and very much a male. Another lovely head of good size and shape and dark eye, short strong neck leads to a well made front with good bone although feet could be better. Lovely body with good depth of chest. Needs to develop in rear and find his feet on the move but typical of a boy needs more time to develop than his sister.


Great Dane

Open (1,0a)

1st Durie’s Leyshen Lily’s Innocence. Just 11 months but this lovely young lady is full of promise. Presents a lovely picture on the stand with a good outline, long, lean feminine head with a lovely dark eye. Nice neck to well laid shoulders and return of upper arm. Good bone and lovey feet. I liked her depth throughout and good rear angles. A true steady graceful mover for one so young. Although standing alone deserved her awards. BOB and BP, then later Group 4 and Puppy Group 2.



Special Yearling

1st Vick’s Minaelea Taylored to You. Just 12 months this young bitch headed up a nice class. Good overall shape and I particularly liked her head, feminine yet with strength and good proportions. Super front assembly with good bone although I would prefer neater feet. Lovely forechest and good depth to chest and loin. Super rear, well muscled and best of movers. RBOB.

2nd Brooks’ Saintlythans Polly Garter at Frizlbach. Just 10 months and another lovely feminine bitch. Super head with neck and shoulders, good bone, lovely pasterns and neat feet. Good body shape leading to a correctly angled rear. So tidy on the move. One with a bright future. BP.

3rd           Hawker’s Salonga Melody.
Res         Hawker’s Salonga Harmony


Post Graduate (2,0a)

1st  Fowell’s Dortmund Heatwave from Cheroho.  2yr B. Pleasing head and eye, nice neck and well made front with good bone but feet could be tighter. Nice rear angles and the best mover of the two this class although I would have liked a little less length in body.

2nd        Hopgood’s Saintlythans Sea Breeze

Open (5,1a)

1st  Smith’s Auberon Viktor Krum. 3 1/2 yr. D. What a lovely strong masculine old-fashioned dog. Broad in skull with good ears and eyes, strength of muzzle, short strong neck to well made front with the good strong bone and nice feet although could be better in front pastern. Deep chest and loin, with good rear angles. Well muscled all over. Powerful steady mover who improved the more he moved. BOB.

2nd       Sweet’s Saintlythans Ice On The Moon
3rd        Stephens’ Majestic Spencer at Jetsball
Res      Fowell’s Cheroho Black’n’Gold

Siberian Husky

Post Graduate

1st  Raby’s Zaltana Cruise Control at Trewonnal. 15mth D. Lovely boy of good size and shape. Liked his head shape, good eye and ears. So well made fore and aft with good bone and feet with nice pasterns. A lovely true powerful mover. Just preferred his overall shape in the challenge. BOB and later Group 2

2nd        Morris’ Zaltana Cwnhapus Tegan

3rd  Wickers’ Skimarque Sent From Heaven to Vukasin. 10mth B. What a lovely baby giving way to more mature dogs today but would easily have won a puppy class. So feminine yet with good bone, lovely head and ears, good length of neck to a super front assembly, lovely shape with depth to chest and loin. Lovely rear angles muscling nicely and such a good mover. BP and later Puppy Group 3

Res      Raby’s Arcticskies A Star Is Born of Trewonnal

Open (4,0a)

1st  Sutton’s Aspen Ranger Wilderness Spirit at Lyfearon. 18mth D. Another lovely boy with a masculine head and dark eye. Good length of neck through to super shoulders and front assembly. Good depth of chest through to well angled and well muscled rear. Good bone and feet throughout. Another good mover.

2nd        Wickers’ Jacalous The Sorcerer at Vukasin JW
        Goodwin’s Amical Tikia JW ShCM
Res       Raby’s Sun Beam 


AV Puppy Chocolate Stakes.

1st  Marsh’s Wraxhill Yukon Strike. A stunning 11mth buff American Cocker Spaniel. WOW, what a star. Super shape and outline with correct topline. Loved his head shape and size.  Well made throughout and what a mover. True and stylish. Presented in lovely condition and in a good coat.

2nd      Sutton’s Kessem Vintage Rose
Date’s Bluepoint Sunfire
Res      Robberts’ Gwyngala Glitz N Glamo

Junior Handling

 6 – 11 Years  (5,0) 

1st            Molly Barber handling an American Cocker Spaniel. A most proficient, polite, young handler who stacks her dog well. Very good table work with clear teeth and attentive to the dog. Patterns could be a little tidier with the up and down in front of the judge but she did move at the correct speed
2nd           Owen Toublic handling and English Springer Spaniel. A promising young man. Good table work but needs to practice standing rear end better so as not to undertuck this dog. Pattern work needs tidying but he moved with dog at the correct speed and I particularly liked the way to encourage dog.
3rd            Phoebe Toublic. handling and English Springer Spaniel. Sister to second place but not at her best today, struggled to get the dog stood and not as tidy on the patterns as I know she can do
Res         Dylan Brian
VHC        Charlie Seymour

12 – 16 Years  (5,2) 

1st            Paige Hawker handling a Rottweiler. Stood out in this class. Stood the dog beautifully and showed clean teeth. Always attentive to help the dog was standing. The only one to look where she was going and moves the dog at the correct speed and on a line in front of the judge. A lovely handler. BJH
2nd           Catherine Kesson handling a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This young lady had a difficult time coping with her own hand injury and a dog that was not being co-opted but I loved her tenacity. She persevered in a calm manner with good use of the voice and rewards. Tidy pattern work.

Ray McDonald (Judge)