Border Counties Gundog Club - 2nd May 2016

IThank you to Border Counties Gundog Club for inviting me to judge at this prestigious, well run show.  I was so pleased with my entries and I have to mention the friendliness & hospitality shown by the committee and helpers which made the day so enjoyable.
Only to be topped by my BOB Flatcoated Retriever going on to win BIS. I wish you all every success for the future.

Retriever (Flat Coated)

Puppy (8,4a)


1st          Stevensonís Steelriver Sun Kissed. Just 7mts this young lady headed up a lovely entry of puppies. Correct in outline and a super head of good length and proportions, slight stop and lovely dark eyes. Good length of neck to a super front assembly with correct spring and depth of rib for one of this age. Short lion, correct tailset & carriage to a lovely rear end, correct moderate turn of stifle. So happy on the stand and best on the move secured her the class and BP

2nd         Curtisí Tallistar Mr All Black. 6mth D and what a promising puppy. Another with a correct head and dark eye. Lovely forehand and correct ribbing. Developing nicely behind with correct tailset and carriage.  Another good mover.

3rd        Stevensonís Flat Gardenís Milady XXVIII Steelriver (Imp Nor)
Res      McConnell Feldkirk Fearghal Torrweaving


Junior (3,0a)


1st          Whitakerís Up To The Stars Black Britanta to Jetstarski (Cze). What can I say about this boy. Only 13mths and quite mature already. Lovely to go over, super outline with correct head and eye. Good length of well muscled neck leading to a superb front assembly with well laid shoulders and good return of upper arm to create his forechest. Correct ribbing, short strong loin, level topline and correct tailset. Well muscled, correctly angulated rear. Stands on good feet. A sound true, free flowing mover with good reach and drive. Was in line for top honours until his housemate came into the Open class. RBOB.

2nd         Stevensonís Steelriver Sun Kissed.

3rd        Stevensonís Flat Gardenís Milady XXVIII Steelriver (Imp Nor)


Yearling (1,0a)


1st          Whitakerís Up To The Stars Black Britanta to Jetstarski (Cze)


1st          Whitakerís Up To The Stars Black Britanta to Jetstarski (Cze)
2nd         Curtisí Rainesgift Its About Time at Tallistar. 3yr B. Another good example presenting a nice outline.  Feminine head and hazel eye.  Good front assembly although I would like a little more forechest. Well ribbed back with short loin and good hind quarters. Tail set level with good carriage.  Moves with reach and drive.



Limit (3,1a)

1st          Curtisí Tallistar Midnight Isla. 4yr B Presenting a lovely outline and sporting a correct head with hazel eye. Good neck and front, nice bone and feet.  Well ribbed of good depth, short loin and a correctly angulated rear. Super front mover and lovely in profile with reach and drive.
2nd         Huytonís Hopevalley Morning Madness at Hightyne. 5yr D. Liked his head and dark eye, would prefer a little more length to neck. Good deep chest and correct spring.  Not very co-operative for his handler on the stand and tends to under-tuck himself behind which spoils his outline. Moves ok.


Open (4,3a)

1st         Whitakerís Brigadier Master For Zabiekabi ShCM. WOW. Absolutely loved this boy who at 9yrs old belies his age and epitomises a fully mature Flatcoat. So solid to go over, super head, masculine, of good length, moderately broad across the skull, strong jaw and dark eye. Well muscled neck of good length leads to an excellent forehand with well laid shoulders and upper arm, straight front and good forechest. Lovely deep chest with correct spring of rib, short strong loin, level topline and correct tailset. Lovely well muscled & correctly angulated rear. Stands on good feet. On the move, free flowing, true coming and going with good reach and drive

BOB then thrilled to watch him win Best In Show.



Gordon Setter


Puppy (3,0a)

1st          Yatesí Dunfionn Sanda. 11mth B. Liked her for type and shape especially in head. Good depth of skull and muzzle, well defined stop and nice dark eye. Super front assembly with well laid shoulders. Good spring and depth of chest & level topline. Best mover in the class. Handler needs to remember to stretch her out behind which will improve the look of her back end on the stand. BP
2nd         Abbaís Hernwood Summer Lovin. 11mth D. Pleasing head and body.  Lovely forehand with good depth and spring to ribs. Adequate rear angulation. Gets well exercised judging by the amount of muscle but this could have been the reason for his slightly stiff rear movement.

3rd        George-Plunkettís Melkinmere Inglewoodhow


Junior Bitch (2,0a)

1st          Yatesí Dunfionn Sanda
2nd         McQuillanís Kelsnnor Scarlett Jezebel. 14mth B. Built on rangier lines than 1. Pleasing head but lighter in eye. Good front assembly but I would prefer more forechest. Good ribbing and nice rear angles. Tends to move a little close behind but good in front and profile.

Yearling B

A difficult decision between these 2

1st          Cuthbertsonís Lainnireach Royal Flush. This 20mth B was rather unsure of me to start with but as the class progressed she settled and allowed me to go over her. Loved her overall shape and correctly proportioned head with dark eye. Lovely shoulders, would like more forechest. Lovely mover
2nd         McQuillanís Kelsnnor Scarlett Jezebel.

Bitch (5,0a)

An interesting class with a variety of type / size. Turned out my 1 & 2 were brother and sister.

1st          Yatesí Mosscript Balmenach. 2y D. Just pipped his sister on overall shape but especially in head. Good depth to skull and muzzle. Good depth of chest with well laid shoulders. Would benefit from a little more forechest. Nice rear end and ok on the move
2nd         Palliniís Mosscript Strathisla. Feminine head of good proportions, lovely shoulders over deep ribs.  Short loin and nice rear. A little better on the move that her brother but preferred him for shape / type

3rd        Cuthbertsonís Foresterís Xquisite Lady of Darkmoor at Lainnireac
Res      McAvoy LAurelhach Bemm

Bitch (9,2a)

Another difficult class with extremes of type and size.

1st          Macgregorís Somerled Glen Urquart. A 3yr well built D that reminds you that a Gordon should be a substantial dog. Head as broad as I would want but has good depth through skull & muzzle and balanced with his body. Well muscled throughout with a good lay of shoulder, depth and spring of rib. Well muscled rear and a true powerful mover
2nd         Tunerís Dunfionn Quair with Moniack. 4yr B. A feminine version of 1 with a lovely head and dark eye. Good neck to well made forehand. Deep chest and well ribbed back to short loin. Good bone and level topline. Correct rear angles. Not as positive or flowing on the move in the class but went better in the challenge to win BOS

3rd        George-Plunkettís Melkinmere Hallinhow

Res      Grayís Birniehill High River

Bitch (2,0a)

1st          Millarís Lainnireach Highland Way. Standing alone but what a lovely example of the breed. 6yrs and excels in many area. Loved his size and shape. Super head of good depth and a dark eye. Super shoulders over deep well sprung ribs. Good bone and neat feet. Level topline with good set on of tail. Well muscled, broad rear with good turn of stifle. Lovely free flowing, true powerful mover. Pleased to award BOB.

Judge Ė Ray McDonald