Critique for Alfreton & District C S    16/08/2009

 Irish Setters
Puppy (4,0a)
1st Heppellís Deevonville Santa Lucia. 6mth B. Lovely shape, super head, correct eye & bite, good ear set, Lovely neck. V.Good angles front and rear. So settled for one so young. The complete package. BP
2nd Hartís Rappatty Romance. Another baby, with lovely shape and super head. Well put together, just preferred the front movement of my winner.
3rd Greenanís Anlory The Living Daylights over Juleset 

Junior (5,2a)
1st Baker & Brehenyís Mantafield Red Devil for Saffronlyn.  16mth D. Very elegant. Long lean head with correct bite, nice eyes and ears. Long neck, and racy throughout.  Good angles, moved true.
2nd Barker-Bellís Balintyne Luck of the Draw. 17mth D, different to 1. Lovely shape with good head & eye.  Good angles.  He was somewhat preoccupied today, moved well.
3rd Barker-Bellís Balintyne Wish Me Luck

Novice (4,2a)
1st Barker-Bellís Balintyne Luck of the Draw
2nd Harts Rappatty Red Velvet. Lovely 21mth B who took my eye both standing and moving. Unfortunately she didnít want me to go over her today so lost out.  I hope that this is a temporary phase as she could have a number of wins ahead of her. 

Post Graduate (12,1a)
What a super class!  Difficult to choose my first 5 and even harder to put them in order.
1st Gardnerís Riqitta Authentic.  Only 21mths and I would think many more successes ahead of him. Super for type & shape, lovely head with correct eyes & good ears. Nice amount of bone, good angles front and rear, deep chest. Lovely effortless free mover. A joy to watch and a pleasure to award him BOB.
2nd Smith & Parkerís Brabrook Connemara 3Yr B. Another super young lady, very close between 1 &2 Similar comments to 1 above but a feminine version. Super head with lovely dark eye, beautiful mover.  Just in the final circuit I found myself drawn more to Dog above. A well deserved RBOB
3rd Lewisí Glenlaine The Bridegroom among Valasarch 

Open (6,2a)
1st Selmanís Cymbeline Impeccable
2nd Murphyís Caispern Humphrey OíGara ShCM. 
Two 6yr old boys, both of good shape with nice heads and good eyes. Both well made and both moved well.  1 was just a bit more free on the move.
3rd Boothís Kirwilldale Beethoven

  Ray McDonald (Judge)